SMC to benefit from mentorship programme

Press Release:- St. Mary’s College is pleased to announce the establishment of the Student Mentorship Program (“The Program”) spearheaded by the centennial class of 1990 as part of an initiative of the St. Mary’s College Old Boys Association, which is in its formative stage.

The intent of The Program is to provide students with the opportunity to learn from, and interact with, graduates of St. Mary’s College (“Old Boys”) who have experience in various fields including academia, practical and vocational professions as the Old Boys impart knowledge about their respective areas of specialization, share their journeys and life experiences.

A steering committee was established comprising five members from the Class of 1990, Mr. Gillray M. Cadet, Mr. Terry Finisterre, Mr. Terry Goodman, Mr. Anselm Mathurin and Mr. Cuthbert Nathoniel.

The vision of The Program is to inspire achievement, provide guidance and support the aspirations of St. Mary’s College students to become positive community, country and world influencers and leaders.

This will be achieved by tapping into the local and global network of Old Boys to enlist enthusiastic and experienced personalities from a wide spectrum of professions to address students on a regular basis, in person or by video conference.

Specific objectives for The Program, include:

  1. Motivate, encourage and inspire
  2. Gain insight into various professions
  3. Provide access to male role models
  4. Establish a forum to listen, learn and probe how to manage life’s challenges
  5. Create an avenue for Old Boys to “give back” to St. Mary’s College
  6. Encourage Old Boys to make a difference for potential at-risk male youth

Three mentoring sessions are planned for the first term of the 2016/17 school year.  The first session took place on Monday, 26 September 2016 and the first presenter was The Honourable Sir Dwight Venner, the former Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (1989 to 2015) and a 1965 graduate of St. Mary’s College.  Sir Dwight Venner is an Economist by training and received his tertiary education at the University of the West Indies (“UWI”), Mona Campus, Jamaica, where he also served as a Research Fellow and Lecturer.

Sir Dwight Venner is well published and serves on the board of a number of institutions.

Mr. Rowan Seon, Principal of St. Mary’s College commented after the first mentoring session, “Sir Dwight’s presentation was heard by the entire group of 4th and 5th Formers.

He was captivating and inspiring as he highlighted salient aspects of his life’s journey. From all reports and appearances many students, especially those studying economics, were renewed in their determination to excel and to be outstanding.  We eagerly await the next presentation.”

Two other mentoring sessions will be conducted this term, in October and November.  The confirmed speakers are Dr. Stephen King and Mr. Adrian Augier.

Dr. Stephen King, MB.BS, FRCPC, OBE, is a pathologist, former Chief Medical Officer and a 1974 graduate of St. Mary’s College.  He practices pathology and is the forensic pathologist for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

He has been instrumental in drafting healthcare legislation, and has founded and assumed the chairmanship of numerous organizations.  He is also a former Independent Senator.  Dr. King pursued Medicine at UWI and postgraduate studies in Pathology at the University of Toronto.

Mr. Adrian Augier is a Development Economist, an Artist and a graduate of St. Mary’s College.  He is the Managing Director of Landmark Events Ltd, St. Lucia’s premier special events company, and an award-winning Producer, Poet and Designer.

He has worked with international organizations including USAID, the World Bank, among others; and serves on various boards.  He holds a BA in Economics & Political Science, a Master’s in Development Finance & Planning and an Honorary Doctorate from UWI.

In keeping with the objectives of the Program to create an avenue for Old Boys to give back, Media Zone, Inc., whose Founder and Managing Director is Wayne Whitfield (1985 graduate of St. Mary’s College), has confirmed that the Media Zone, Inc. will record the mentoring sessions.

The Steering Committee will review the impact of the first three mentoring sessions, against the Program objectives, at the end of the term to determine how to improve the interaction, knowledge transfer and experience of the students.  The plan for the future is to seek commitments from Old Boys, both in and out of St. Lucia, who are eager to contribute and mentor current students, in line with the objectives of the Program.

The Steering Committee would like to remind all current students and all Old Boys, ‘Summum Attingitur Nitendo’.