SMC Hair Grooming Controversy: SLTU Warns Of ‘Serious Implications’ For Education

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The St. Lucia Teachers’ Union (SLTU) has been investigating the issue at St. Mary’s College and is very disturbed about this case as it has serious implications for the entire education system.

Schools are institutions that instill values and discipline in students to help them to become law-abiding citizens.

Given the nature of the school, we all understand the importance of rules and regulations and the reasons why they should be followed.

Further, the SLTU is concerned about the impact that this matter will have on school discipline. If a student is allowed to break one rule, then inevitably the authority of all other rules would be compromised.

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Thus, the stability of the entire education system would be at stake. Therefore, all school rules should be given the utmost respect, in the same manner, the rules and regulations in all other institutions are respected.

The SLTU is therefore calling on parents, the Ministry of Education and the wider community to work with our schools to protect the integrity of the school system and to allow school to continue to play its part in the development of law-abiding citizens of this country.

SOURCE: St. Lucia Teachers’ Union/ SLT

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  1. I am all for rules being followed. Rules that make sense that is. The origin of some rules need to be looked into. I for one see this particular rule as mental grooming for further discrimination later in life. I vividly remember working in middle management at a hotel on the island. I went to several interviews for that job with my natural hair. I was even complimented on my natural looks by some foreigners. However, a few months into the job, the white manager called me into his office with a sort of embarrassed look on his face. A black lady in HR had asked him to tell me I needed to relax my hair, because it was not in keeping with the ‘look’ of the company. He said he found nothing wrong with my manner of styling my hair, but someone in HR had a problem. Of course I did not relax my hair. I did not even like that job anyway.

  2. It was also a rule that black people were not considered humans I guess that rule shouldn’t of been changed too? Come on, people why are the white and Indian Samarians boys hair can be longer than 1cm and the black boys hair must be cut? Why are we discriminating our own people in our own country. Think for outside the box for once….

  3. @skye and all yuh educators behind computers the school has rules…..thats the bottom line…how many of you have seen the hairstyle in question?? but all yuh still commenting….thats why our kids now cant respect the teachers and not even some of you cuz u feed them with this type of ignorant behaviour…the dam lawyer not going court as he pleases….all yuh duz let the wind sway all yuh too much direction

    • @as i see it……then go blind….let the rait kids follow the ratid rules….everyday i goin on a bus and have mercy fk fk alone is the convo for the morning its sickening and we encouraging dem not to follow rules…we will reap wat we sow in the long run

  4. all these hair rules are only for the black society. the white man and the Indians seem to be exempted from these rules. they have always make us black people feel the having our natural hair is untidy hence the reason our women see a need to purchase fake hair

  5. A good tree produce good fruits !
    There will be aways causes for disobidence against the authorities, but those who rely on God’s word, knows the time the right procedures and the things that are to be taken place upon the whole world.
    What has been already been from the begining will always be :
    A Noble from birth !
    A rebelle from birth !
    Who can strightened what is already been crocked ?
    For those comments that are lamp, abundance of spoil will be divided.
    Teaching is a light and correction of discipline are the way of life ‼️
    SLTU : I stand with you !
    The LORD is our judge ⚖️ !
    The LORD is our lawyer !

  6. Because the Father is a So called lawyer .Why he don’t attend Court with a Boxers Short pants .These So called Lawyers believe they can do what they want in This Ckuntry

  7. I would like SMC to investigate the sexual harrassers they have within administration instead of forcing these archaic rules down people’s throats. The discipline is lacking with the “bald heads” too!!

    • @concerned teach the kids to follow rules……at ppl very homes have these kinds and criminals too but nobody is talking…dnt b a hypocrite

  8. ….hear them just read the second paragraph this alone gives you the insight to there discriminatory mind set. So what are they saying if your hair is of a different style you lacking discipline, you will be indisciplined, you lack value, Eh eh so your hair will determine if you become a productive member of society .??? I hope the parents bring this to the highest court in the land or beyond this crap needs to stop.. it a violation of the child’s constitutional rights to access education and a violation of their right to freedom of expression. Bring them to court and don’t pump brakes until you get justice.

    • Knowing the number of former students of SMC, who did all their years with an Afro hair style and became very accomplished individual at home and abroad. Did that rule hindered them? Or is that a rule for a particular student? Is he the only student with an Afro hair style at SMC? Should the community not believe that it might be a attack on the parent (s), rather than an act of discipline?

  9. If the parents and child doesn’t want to follow the school rules. Then let them homeschool their child or send the child to a school where he or she will be accepted as they are. Simple solution. You can come and want to change the school rules.

    • Re Article: I do agree with elegant comments.
      Note! Schools are very important in our children’s way forward, including law and order,so, thereof, Why not follow the dress for success system..
      To all the parents who thinks differently, please, create your own school systems and leave us alone..
      I endorse our thoughts..

    • Did you see SMC in the 70s. All the boys had afros. I went to SMC and let my hair grow out. There were white kids that had very long hair. Same with some Indian kids. But when little black boy let his hair grow, the house niggas try to beat him down.

  10. The father is a lawyer, are there not rules for him attending court or appearing before a judge or magistrate, can he appear in any attire on un-groomed?

    • Your point is not taken. Is your point that all rules prescribed are valid and indisputable? With regards your point that the father is a lawyer and the rules pertaining to his attire in court, have you asked why that particular rule? Does this rule create or enforce a higher level of justice? Does this rule make it right if for whatever reason that lawyer is ungroomed before the court he cannot represent his client? Remember that slavery was previously inscribed and justified by law. Did that make it right?

      • @Point Taken,
        Rules are simple and should be respected in whatever way for fashion irrespective of who they were placed or created by. Dressing in beach attire to go to work in a financial institution or even a construction site is unacceptable and these simple rules are followed regardless of it not affecting the way you perform your task at work. The same principal follows for school, work, church etc. VERY SIMPLE!!

      • @Point Taken in notice the missed the POINT entirely or you have TAKEN that stand just to make a POINT that is really not valid. The POINT is that the school like the court have rules which address dress code and grooming. If the father (a lawyer) can dutifully obey the Court rules on these matters, what is his problem with his son obeying the school rules on the same issues. The Point here is the Court is an institution with rules and the school is an institution with rules. I hope you get the POINT and you are not misTAKEN.

    • Well said.
      St. Lucians feel they can always do as they please. If nowhere have rules and regulations to be followed, can you imagine how haphazard the world would be?

      • The failure of over regulation is clear. Rules and regulations do have their place. When it is excessive and irrelevant it has NO place in a properly civilised society. Other than that it encourages stereotyping, privilege and oppression. It seems obvious on what side you on however if you were on the side of disadvantage I am sure you and many others would be making a different point.

  11. No. This is BS and everytime a situation like this arises a parent should take the school the court . The first person who did this won their case and y’all not learning your lesson. A hair style is a hairstyle and this rule makes absolutely no sense and has no weight . In what way is having a different hairstyle going to instill discipline and values in a child. ? Other than that is just a stupid rule

  12. if changing one hair rule will cause the entire education structure to crumble…our education system is really flimsy. Such melodrama. And you want us to entrust you with the well being of our children?! The only way you know how to be teachers is through being authoritarian, dictating and forcing submission? You guys are the remnants of a past world, not what our children need to embrace their future. I suppose in other countries where hair grooming policies are less strict their have bred generations of criminals!

    • Skye and Unknown, I can see school did not do much for the two of you. Skye does not have the ability to tell us what is “dumb” about the statement. Guess he/she is not able to put together more than one sentence with seven words. And Unknown (good that you will remain so), missed the point entirely. I guess comprehension is just not his/her thing. So sad.
      @Unknown, the matter is not about hair. It is about respecting the rules of the institution that you signed up for. Before signing up, you knew that there are rules that you must observe.
      Tell me @ Skyle (in one sentence) and @ Unknown (if by chance you understand) does a coat make a lawyer a good lawyer or a bad lawyer? If not, why does the boy’s father conform to the prescribed attire to attend court?

    • The Teachers Union is using the cover of the rule of law and the importance of order in a society to oppress the freedoms each and every person inherently possess to be free and to express themselves and their opinions. The question that is of paramount importance, what is the risk or harm to the individual, another person, the institution or the society? Is this just another do as I say or face the consequences? Remember this is what slavery is all about, the stripping of all identity and dignity from a people so as to subjugate and oppress them. Is that what we want for our children whereby they are brought up with the mind set to be the slaves or docile? I say that we should bring up our children to be free, express themselves, be innovative and trail blazers, rather than docile, oppress and subjugated individuals. The system is myopic, only thinking of itself and seems oblivious to the damage that is being done to the future generation. The issue now is a hair cut, let us wait and see what will be next from the control freaks’

      • @Point Taken, I notice you very poor at comprehension. The issue here is a school rule that addreses how students should be groomed for school. You mean you write all that just to conclude on the wrong issue?

    • @ Skye, I am in total agreement with you. Presumably, the kid is wearing ‘dreadlocks’ . What does wearing dreadlocks have to do with discipline? Is the dreadlocks part of his religion? If so, it is incumbent on the State to protect the civil liberties of the kid rather than invoking discipline and unkept hair grooming. Some orthodox Jews wear one lock on either side of the head, would that be considered undisciplined? The Indian Sheikh wears a long beard and a turban, would that be considered undisciplined?

      We in St. Lucia are caught in the mindset of an antiquated British colonial system that has continued to blind us and reinforced the myth that we cannot decide for ourselves. I hope the court would use its good judgment and arrive at a fair and honest verdict.

  13. St. Lucians in small percentage read majority do not read, give a parent or student to read the school rules/policies it either ended up in the bin or getting mold on it. The term “school” is universal and 98% of the world’s population automatically knows when going to school what it means. We need a strong legislation to deal with delinquent parents and their student. In this case the parties involved should be suspended for at least 2 weeks plus let the parents know the magnitude of the punishment that the law will enforce on both parents whether living together or separately. If it recure then the student ends up in a facility where he/she will exit at the age of 18 who will be fully discipline and qualify to get a job. As for the parents they both get fine for the physiological effects cause to the victim.

    • That’s pure ignorance on your behalf wanting to incarcerate individuals because they disobeyed a school rule…Lock them up until they’re 18? You should be put away til you’re ready for the coffin.Individuals like you should just put your real names so we could know who the real ignorant individuals are on the island…Okay the school has rules & it’s supposed to followed but wanting to punish to the extent of locking them up? You mam have a serious problem.

      • Your father is here come tell me that nonsense you just said there in my face, and you will see how dark it will get on your end!

  14. Typical house negroes. How do you equate “breaking” a stupid massa imposed rule that literally affects no one with this nonsense you speak. Did you see SMC in the 70s. All the boys had afros. I went to SMC and let my hair grow out. There were white kids that had very long hair. Same with some Indian kids. But when little black boy let his hair grow, the house niggas try to beat him down. Those folks are essentially racists.


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