Smoothie Shed Employee Shocked After Brazen Daylight Robbery

An employee of the Smoothie Shed in the William Peter Boulevard is still in shock after a man who pretended to be a customer greeted him, and later made off with a bag containing important documents.

The incident occurred last week  Monday morning and was caught on tape.

Yvanius Jacob told St Lucia Times that when he showed up for work he realized that there was a problem with the the refrigerator.

Jacob recalled resting his bag on a counter to address the problem.

He said a male individual came into the business place and told him ‘Hello!’’

“I said ‘Yes. You need anything? How can I help you?’  Then he said that he was going to come back. So I did not bother coming up from the fridge where I was,” the Smoothie Shed employee told St Lucia Times.

“ A good while after I finished what I was doing underneath the fridge – I started cleaning up; I see my bag is not there,” Jacob disclosed.

He said when CCTV footage was replayed, it showed the man  entering the business place, glancing around and then quickly taking up the bag and leaving with it.

A female in the background chatting on a mobile telephone and sipping from a cup, is obviously oblivious to the fact that a crime is being committed.

Screen Grab from video showing man walking away with bag

According to Jacob, the bag contained his passport, his birth certificate, his bank card, some books and other items.

“You know what I learned from that? Trusting people – you don’t know who to trust in this life we are living in. This guy came there so – I never expected for him to  walk in there, see a bag and not know what is in it and just grab the bag and go with it,” he lamented.

The matter has been reported to the police.


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