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Snake Bite Victim ‘Joe Knows’ Seeks Medical Attention In Martinique

Snake bite victim ‘Joe Knows’ has sought medical attention at La Maynard Hospital in Martinique.

The acclaimed Saint Lucia Tour Operator whose real name is Josiah Castang, reported being bitten by a fer de lance as he visited a waterfall in Anse La Raye last month.

Castang hit out at the Caribbean Doctors Association which had issued a statement asserting among other things, that his story ‘can only serve to misinform the public, thereby increasing the widespread negative perception of the fer de lance in particular.

Castang told St Lucia Times in a telephone interview from Martinique that he was disappointed in the association’s statement which sought to portray him as speaking untruth.

‘Joe Knows’ in Martinique

“Until you have walked in my shoes you will not know,” the Saint Lucia businessman declared.

He recalled that he was sent home after a second surgery at Victoria Hospital here during which his leg was sealed.

However Castang disclosed that the foot was infected and swelling.

“I was told to go to the polyclinic and have the wounds that were on the leg which had been sewn the Friday dressed for fifteen days and after fifteen days remove the stitches,” he recalled.

Castang said when he was sent home on the Saturday, he went to clinic the Monday where HTS Television conducted an interview with him.

He said that on Tuesday he recognized that the foot was swollen and discoloured, whereupon he told his wife to get their documents together to travel to Martinique.

Swollen leg a few days after being admitted to Victoria Hospital

“I could not put my foot down –  my foot was paining me. I could not walk; I could not touch the foot. I was in pain,” Castang lamented.

He explained that when his situation was communicated to the Doctors at Victoria Hospital, they requested to have a look at the limb.

Castang said when the Doctors examined the foot, it was determined that it was infected and had an abscess.

He told St Lucia Times that he was readmitted and went into a third surgery where his foot was cut and dead tissue was removed.

“They took it all out, leaving a deep hole in my foot,” Castang stated.

Open wound on foot (Partially blurred)

“From Tuesday to Sunday they had the foot open, cleaned – everything; I was getting my antibiotics and so on,” he recounted.

Castang said on the Sunday the Doctors explained that the foot looked ‘okay’ and there was nothing more that could be done surgically.

“They said to tell my wife to bring a green pawpaw, crush the pawpaw, take the juice and bring it for them. This is the truth – no lie; and they would take the juice in a gauze and put the gauze in the deep hole in my foot, wrap it up bandage it and I was discharged and sent home – that was the Sunday,” Castang told St Lucia Times.

He said days later he contacted a friend in Martinique who urged him to visit the neighbouring French overseas territory as a matter of urgency, which he did.

“We came to Martinique the Thursday to La Maynard Hospital to get an assessment and they gave me an appointment for the Monday, which was yesterday,” Castang stated.

“I want to say kudos to the Doctors in Saint Lucia – the Martinique Doctors spoke very highly of the job done on my leg and my foot by the Saint Lucian Doctors. They were very amazed at the job well done,” he told St Lucia Times.

Castang revealed that the La Maynard Doctor told him that the leg was healing properly and the foot with the big hole was healthy.

“His only concern was that the tendons were exposed and he did not feel it’s best that the wound remain open,” he stated.

He said the Doctor recommended a visit to a plastic surgeon.

According to Castang, the Doctor indicated that ‘a great job’ had been done in Saint Lucia and there was nothing more he could do to the leg and foot.

He said he has an appointment on Thursday to see the plastic surgeon.

The Saint Lucia businessman expressed the view that warning signs should be erected in areas in Saint Lucia where the fer de lance roams, along with safety tips.

He said he has noticed visitors frequenting the Ansse La Raye waterfall where he was bitten, oblivious to the danger.







  1. Choopz….drama queen. Martinique told you the doctors here did a good job..what’s your point? Joe knows is just a media maniac

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. The man appears to be looking for media attention when he is recovering quite well. Dram queen indeed

    • It is always a good idea to get a second opinion. I haven’t seen Joe Knows in the media in years. So that statement you made is false!

      • Agreed! The Medical Association was wrong for that. They indirectly attacked the man when he only shared his experience. As far as I am concerned he is not seeking any special attention only bringing things to light.

  2. What was the URGENCY in going to Martinique then if the doctors told you that the St Lucian doctors did a great job? Were you expecting to hear something different?

    • Do you trust the doctors in St. Lucia? Have you not heard enough horror stories? Granted everywhere has issues but some of those stories coming out of our medical society is scary.

  3. So whats wrong with getting a second opinion especially with the sorry state of our local health care institutions? Better safe than sorry! At least in this case our doctors were commended, but in many situations this is not the case.

  4. he should rename himself : Jo DUNNO SHEET!!
    The poison from the bite is already neutralised, what u going to martinique for? what will they do for u there?
    be grateful VH saved your life! hope this is a lesson for all hospitals on the island. they must have anti-venom for all snakes here. MR Dont know nothing! nada!

  5. Why are people so angry? He seeked a second opinion. Btw st Lucia has some of the best doctors. Our lack of high end equipment breeds a hands on, personal approach. That human factor does something psychological to a patient.

    • people are rightly annoyed because of the ignorance displayed by Mr. Know Nothing. A snake bite for those who knows, require the administration of specific anti-venom dependent on the specie. If this is not obtained in time, the victim does not make it out alive. Time is of the essence as in immediately after the bite, not days later, hopefully a very few hours can elapse before the anti-venom, but some snake bites can act faster this and the individual may not make it, if they dont get the medication in time. Once you get the anti-venom in time, if you are lucky, there is no more checking to be done with any extra doctors and going overseas. his life has already been saved. there is nothing that other doctors can do, there is no seeking second opnion after a snake bite. the only cure is anti-venom. if you dont get that, unfortunately, its the end. he got that so why he going to martinique? what a moron!

      • He went to get the open wounds checked after being sent home and it getting infected. Read people read. Where did he say he went to Martinique because of the venom

  6. Some people are so stupid they don’t even read what they write to make sure it makes sence. The man needed a second opinion come on the doctors here are so incompetent lack of resources not all but most of them so o don’t see no issue if the man goes to get a second opinion. Anyways Get well soon Sir!!!

  7. One thing you all LOVE to push your nose in people business ehhh. If he can afford it, why can’t he get a second or third opinion?

  8. Even though the poison was neutralized, I too would have gotten a second option, especially if I felt like I was about to lose my foot.

    I think this article was basically to clear his name as the medical association’s press release really downplayed his situation. I personally did not expect to see his foot in such a state…after reading their press release.

    He is indeed lucky to be alive ,l and to still have his foot.

  9. ,He has all the right to go to Martinique,its his foot,and he dosent want to loose it.The Fer de Lance is all over the area from Anse la Raje up to Canaries,on the coast line,and John Compton Dam,Millet ,Venus,in the forest reserve.and Dennery.I believe all that live in those areas know very well how to take care of themselves.You learn how to walk and were to step,you dont go out to the bush when its getting dark and you dont take your lady either.

  10. url refuse to read with all the negative energy…stupid ignorant people… READ!!!!!!! get well soon joe

    • Sad to say I wish sum if u negative p wud get bitten to see if u wudnt get a second opinion elsewhere after being released from VH. some of y’all have criticized the very doctors u now defending. Whatever the man feels he needs to do for his health and to ease his pain or save his leg is his business. who feels it knows it and Joe definitely knows. Get well we’ll soon my brother.
      Y’all too hypocrite

  11. Get well soon brother..some ppl need to take their time to read and try to understand..I know the full story and I understood y u went Martinique I would do the same to..bless up fam..you were saved to give your story!!!

  12. He should have never been by the waterfall on a date with a woman which was not his wife… point blank

  13. In the absence of a death (due to malpractice) there is NO Doctor who will examine the work of another doctor and say that Doctor’s work was not good. It is a very well protected profession.

  14. You’ll are really ignorant to say that the man is seeking public attention. When you’ll are the same person bashing the VH hospital daily. I think you’ll are mostly upset about the fact that firstly you’ll can’t afford to leave the island to seek medical attention and secondly that you’ll aren’t important enough to make the news. Because I’m very sure he didn’t call and beg for those interviews. Read before you’ll type such ignorant bull****!!

  15. Yes my brother, i read your story whch is avery unforturnate, Oh how sad it is; the truth has never been told; May the good Lord heal your wounds, i know he can! trust in him my brother, and yo will be fine! My God will see you through!

  16. a little wound any antibiotic can fix, he run to martinique! boy keep quiet. wasting your time and doctors too, who have sicker patients.

  17. The man is just an attention seeker….you calling the newspaper from all in Martinique…man you’re just a loud mouth attention seeker. He just guilty and trying to get attention so his wife feel sorry for him.

  18. Why are lucians so negative and full of hatred,my god something is not right in that country, Jesus take the wheel

  19. Have I read a different version of the medical association statement? My understanding was they simply said some of news surrounding the snake bite was incorrect and serve to cause panic and miss information which jeopardises life of humans beaten by the ferdelance snake and endanger an already threaten important species that can contribute to saving life and economy of the country. They also sort to highlight the protocol surrounding treatment arrangements in regard to people seeking medical help after a snake bite. Dispelling some of the first aid old wife’s tales such as tourniquet, cutting and sucking poison out, etc; and to further caution people the safety steps to be taken when venturing in know snake infested areas.
    Mr Joe know please read the statement again, you were not fighting for your life as you got treatment early and the appropriate treatment in spite of our so call health institutions short comings, you were not in intensive care as report in the original report on your circumstances and you were able to be release within eight to ten days after the snake bite.
    I agree we need to continue to educate the mass public and to erect signs along the frequent visitor routes for hiking, visiting water falls not withstanding in villages and communities surrounding these areas. As to often we the people choose to ignore simple things such as ensure you are wearing proper shoes. Do not reach for things under stones, logs, to be vigilant at all times and keep walk way clear of over growth and do not dispose of rubbish carelessly, do not just sit down because you are tired but assess the area surrounding where are going sit carefully and always have a hiking stick.

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