Social and Economic Labs to tackle Implementation Rate, Effectiveness and Efficiency

Press Release:–  The Government of Saint Lucia has embarked on a strategic plan to improve effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to the implementation and delivery on key projects in Saint Lucia.

Through the Ministry of Economic Development, the Government is developing the Medium Term Development Strategy 2019 – 2022 through the Social and Economic Labs.

Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, Honourable Guy Joseph, at Monday’s pre-Cabinet press briefing, explained that the aim of the Labs is to achieve an inclusive and sustainable Saint Lucia by 2022.

“The intention of this is to be able to help Saint Lucia position itself to be effective and efficient in the delivery of projects and in growing the economy,” Minister Joseph explained.

Covering the key results areas (KRAs) of Health, Crime, Education, Infrastructure, Tourism and Agriculture, the Labs identify targets and trajectories for each KRA developed by key stakeholders and deliver implementation plans, complete with key performance indicators (KPIs), budgets and clear implementation timelines.

The Minister explained that the project plan has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and the process starts with Focus Group discussions from November 20th to 30th 2018 at the Royalton Resort and Spa. The ain of the groups is to assess the feasibility of various projects or “game changers”, identify key enablers and prioritize a list of projects in each area.

This exercise will be followed by the Labs phase from December 3rd to 12th at the same venue. The Labs will culminate with a Gallery Walk on December 12th to showcase the recommendations, projects, initiatives and Budgets.

The government is supported by the Caribbean Development Bank through a Technical Assistance Loan to the Government of Saint Lucia to assist in the preparation of the strategy. PEMANDU Associates will be undertaking Phase 1 of the project, which consists of the labs engagement or intensive stakeholder workshops.


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