Social Justice Minister Supports Moves To Address Gun Crime

Saint Lucia’s Social Justice Minister says he supports any discussion on what can be done to alleviate the situation of gun crime.

“We know that many of our young people are losing their lives – not just young people but many of the perpetrators are young people and there’s something that must be done and should be done to see the extent to which this can be abated,” Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute told reporters last week.

Last week Justice Minister Hermangild Francis announced that the government may remove the ability of magistrates to deal with gun crime, and allow the high court to handle such matters.

Francis spoke against the backdrop of what he described as a ‘troubling’ case in which a man was granted bail for possession of a ‘high powered’ rifle.

Ronnie Montoute was granted bail in the sum of $13,000 or like surety when he appeared in court last week.

The Social Justice Minister Lenard Montoute told reporters any move that will be effective has his support.

While disclosing that he had not given much thought to the suggestion by Hermangild Francis, he said he was prepared as a member of cabinet to be part of any debate or discussion that will take place on reducing gun crime in this country.


  1. Hurray! Elections are here. It’s time to start kissing ugly babies, attending funerals and supporting anti- crime bills. Smdh.

  2. Enter, ‘Minister wants ‘draconian’ laws against illegal guns” into the search bar of this website.
    You will see an article dated 31 January, 2017. It almost time to say happy 3rd anniversary. Nothing has been done about the problem. Jokers to the right of me and clowns to the left.

  3. What laws will they put for ministers who aid and abet people to kidnapped other persons. Will they put laws for firmwr policemen who beat their wives at pigeon point and Anse La Raye?

  4. Lol last name sounds familiar 😅have heard judges back in the days used to first ask you: “Whats your father and mother name.” Practically everyone with the same last name in town and lucia are related 😄 lol just some humor in regards to the M4/M16 bail.

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