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Soft Opening For Sport In Saint Lucia?

by Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira

I feel with the gradual soft opening to the various entities in Saint Lucia, maybe it’s time for the COVID-19 National Committee to consider a soft opening in sport.

I would suggest that the soft opening begin with golf, tennis and table tennis.

All these disciplines can easily have the protocols implemented  so as not to lend to a lot of gathering of players, naturally keeping the social distancing because of the game and very little or no contact at all.

Already we have seen in Trinidad and Barbados that they have opened the golf courses under strict protocols.

There’s no Club House opening, there are no bars, there are no restaurants.

People come and play. They have to be sanitised, they have to sanitise all their equipment and they simply come and go.

There is no official function at the start, there is no function at the end, but the playing of golf is the main focus.

Certainly that could work here.

I would think that the 40 or 50 local golfers here in Saint Lucia, through their association, can make an appropriate approach to the COVID-19 National Committee to be given an opportunity that we have seen with golfers in Trinidad and Barbados.

We have the Grow Well group of very talented young Saint Lucians who can also be provided an opportunity to get back into the sport of golf.

When you read that the country is thinking of re-opening in June, how big it will be, what will be the pandemic in the areas where the tourists will come from, I really don’t know.

But if it is going to take place, the majority of the tourists walk with their golf bags and head to the golf course – not to the beaches.

I think the protocols have to be clearly set out – no spectators of course, if any, maybe very few standing far apart.

The same thing applies to table tennis which is played with no contact, a huge space – about 12 feet apart, and it could be regulated.

No gathering, no spectators and if there are, they would have to be six feet apart.

The associations will have to meet to work out the details.

Tennis again lends to no physical contact and could be easily managed whether it is  a training session or a competitive session.

Where necessary the numbers can be stipulated as well as sanitisation measures.

I would personally like to volunteer to provide advice, if needed, in regard to any soft opening of sport.


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