SOL EC Ltd truck drivers protest

Truck drivers employed by SOL EC Limited went on strike today.

The striking workers are represented by  the National Workers Union (NWU).

Shop Steward, Eusebius Charles told the Times that some fourteen truck drivers based at the SOL EC Ltd outlets at Cul de Sac and Vieux Fort were taking part in the industrial action.

eusebius charles sol shop steward
Eusebius Charles – SOL Shop Steward

“Our grievance is that we have an agreement for three years and we are in the third year and we are unable to come to a settlement regarding wage negotiations,” Charles disclosed.

He explained that all the striking employees represented by the NWU had signed a petition which was sent to the management of the company giving them seven days to rectify the matter, to no avail.

Charles told the Times that as a result the workers decided to go on strike in a bid to get SOL EC management to settle the matter.

He told the Times that the drivers are responsible for transporting fuel to locations throughout the island.

Charles stated that this includes diesel,cooking gas and aviation fuel.

“As you can see we are willing to work today if the management is willing to come and meet us and talk or settle an agreement,” he declared.

He said it was up to management to determine whether the matter can come to a conclusion as quickly as possible.


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