Some Members Of Cuban Medical Mission Depart Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia bids farewell to a few of the Cuban healthcare workers who completed their medical mission. 

More in this report from Fernelle Neptune:

A batch from the Cuban medical brigade on a mission to help Saint Lucia fight the COVID-19 pandemic recently returned home to Cuba. 

Minister for Health and Wellness Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac commended the Cuban healthcare workers for their sterling contribution and service provided to the people of Saint Lucia. 

“They are returning home, they have served us in Saint Lucia, they have served us extremely well. Our people were reporting how pleased they are to have had these nurses and doctors attend to them during their stay here in Saint Lucia. I have already thanked them on behalf of the government and people of Saint Lucia. I have thanked them for the service they gave to us so freely, so willingly and so loving. And we are here to say goodbye to them. Sadly, but is a reality that all good things often come to an end.”

Cuban Ambassador to Saint Lucia His Excellency Alejandro Simancas Marin emphasized the importance of the international cooperation between the two countries and expressed their commitment to continue providing medical support.   

“It is a special moment for them, after three months of working together. They are already part of the beautiful history of friendship, cooperation and solidarity between Cuba and Saint Lucia. On behalf of the Cuban government and people and the Cuban medical brigade, we would like to express our appreciation to the Saint Lucia government, to the Saint Lucia people, Saint Lucia Ministry of Health and Wellness, the Minister Mary Isaac for she has been very kind to be here with us today. We would like to express our appreciation to all of them for their hospitality to the Cuban health specialists.”

A total of twenty nine nurses and one doctor of the Cuban medical brigade completed their mission and departed Saint Lucia for Cuba. 



  1. St.Lucia will need their Services Very soon .These Flights Coming in from America is problems with that Corona Virus

  2. Thanks so much hope you will be able to come back in time of help blessings… May the Lord take you back home safely to your family and friends…a big thank you again we appreciate and hope you all enjoy your stay in St Lucia 🙏🍷🍷🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨

  3. St. Lucia bids farewell to a few. This could only mean one thing and it is that not all of them left. So why would the SOE even be part of our comments. We may very well need them in the future so a big thank you would be in order. I continue to pray for our country that we remain safe. Our locals have not been too cooperative cause many of them have broken quarantine, hence the erection of the fence.

  4. oh boy now we are at the mercy of our own nurses who dont even care and take for ever long to serve, i really hope they learned something from those cubans

  5. MOre than 100 came. So the majority remain on Island. Thank you to the 30 that have left. I can only imagine how much they missed their families.
    Cuba has been phenomenal providing this level of assistance to countries all over the world including China.

  6. Those flight from America is problem, this American dont care , the pm need to stop American from coming in the country until next year.this is not a joke. This is a deadly disease.

  7. The have st lucia stranded in America, most people cannot get a test for 7 days.this . This test takes more than 2 weeks now and they dont give a dam. Dont worry hope we at lucian never for get that election is up.

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