Son Charged With Murder In Death By Strangulation Of His Mother At Jacmel

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Press Release:– On Friday, December 31, 2021, about 10:30p.m. officers attached to the Anse La Raye Police Station responded to a report of a homicide at Blackstone, Jacmel.

On arrival officers observed the unresponsive body of a female with visible marks of violence. A pathologist was summoned to the scene, who conducted preliminary investigations and pronounced her dead.

The female was formally identified during that time as Florence Augustin of Jacmel. A post mortem examination was performed to determine the cause of death. It was determined that Florence Augustin died as a result of strangulation.

The son of the deceased, Lenny Augustin, a fifty three year old construction worker and resident of Jamel, has been formally arrested and charged for causing her death.

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The murder charges (Contrary to Section 85 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia) were preferred earlier today, Tuesday, January 4, 2022, and he will be escorted to the First District Court for a bail hearing.

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  1. @Just saying … you seem to have A LOT of “social problems”! Everybody, including you, and me, are INDIVIDUALS who populate this planet we ALL live on. Which means we ALL have varying personalities. To marginalise a part of the population and their culture is ignorant, e.g. women, musical preferences, etc. The monster who killed his mother is an individual whom we the readers do not know. We don’t know his history, his relationships. But – the fact is, he committed MATRICIDE which is unlawful, therefore should face the authorities for his atrocious crime. Taste of music, culture, should not be aligned to the man’s crime. You, yourself should do a lot of introspection on human nature, and who you are as a human being. Yes, we, the readers have already judged him – for his crime!! But we do not know what had him to commit such an act. Maybe she put pepper in his soup?

  2. Just saying is the person of the year!- baboon of the year I meant! Humble apologies to the real baboons of the African wild for comparing them to Just Saying!

  3. Damn right unknown because…if you look closely you will be able to trace all of our social problems back to women and mother’s. Single mothers in particular. But people like you make excuses for them an protect them from criticism.

  4. @ Just Saying is a misogynist. I’ve realize that once a woman is involved in any crime he is quick to blame the women come up with an opinion about them. Why did he generalize women by saying ” A woman can do a man so much ………” A crime was committed and you blame the victim which is a woman, speculating what she may have done something so hatred for her son to cause her death. @ Just Saying needs to look at and search himself because he sounds troubled.

  5. Lol Caribwhatever you are an evil person who wants our society to remain in the state that it is. Why is that? Is it so you can continue to exploit st.lucians? You are making a fool of your self, your retort makes no logical sense. Fool. I hope when crime is at your doorstep you get what you deserve while some sweet classy dancehall plays in the background, it will go well with the falsetto of your screams.

  6. @just saying, name calling solves what again? So communities that listen to primarily jazz & classical music have zero murders? No crimes? Even the Amish have had their share.
    Envy, greed, jealousy, betrayal, rage are human traits as well, unfortunately. We’re the species who can kill for sport.
    You’re only showing us with your ranting, your personal taste in music which still hasn’t improved your disposition or elevated your thinking & how the women around you should fear for their lives.

  7. There should be no bail for this guy. There is no justification in killing the woman who gave birth to you and brought you into this world

  8. You fools act like we live in a perfect society. Examine your culture of sex and alcohol. What we are seeing today are part and parcel with the primitive culture we have come to own. Shit happens. I have no sympathy reserved for women as they often bring these problems onto them selves. Maybe if she raised her son better she wouldn’t have gotten choked out.

    You people are delusional. Take a your self, your culture, the music, your forms of dance and entertainment and be honest with your selves.

    Maybe if we throw out all the garbage in my Ur culture and adopted more wholesome forms of entertainment we would be a more intelligent society. Trade the soca for some jazz or classical music.

  9. When all the holy books are explaining to followers/believers that brothers kill brothers, brothers kill sisters because of betrayals, who are we to say these devilish people are not living amongst us? Isn’t Human being fight and kill each other. When we say mother nature is gods work who ever saw god before? It is a very terrible thing to do in your journey in life to kill who made you, thats like boring a hole and the same pot that cook your food.

  10. @Just Saying you have problems. Go see a therapist because your closest and dearest in danger. Whatever his mother may have done does not justify what he has done. To many young men in St Lucia has rage against their own mother. St lucia is a very sick society. you cant even trust your own kids. thankfully, single and disengaged suits me fine. birthing such a bastard was a total waste.

  11. So I guess any problem you have with a woman you will just go on and choke her . This is not the answer because right now he is in jail and the woman who gave birth to him is dead. My gosh this is heart breaking. After all I don’t care what someone has done murder is not the answer. Have all morals and empathy gone from humanity?

  12. So many possibilities. Maybe she found his stash of money and stole it. I wonder what she did to piss him off so badly. A woman can do so much to make a man want to choke a bi#&£.

    More context must be given in all fairness to the young man.

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