‘Sorry Is Not Enough’, Caribbean States Say Of British Slavery Apologies


LONDON (Reuters) – British financial institutions that benefited from slavery such as Lloyd’s of London should go further than saying sorry for their role in the Atlantic slave trade and atone for their sins by funding Caribbean development, the region’s countries said.

More than 10 million Africans were shackled into the Atlantic slave trade by European nations between the 15th and 19th centuries. Those who survived the often brutal voyage, ended up toiling on plantations in the Americas.

While the history of Europe’s scramble for African slaves has been widely known for centuries, the death of George Floyd in the United States has prompted a sweeping global reassessment of racism and the financing of the slave trade.

The Lloyd’s of London insurance market apologised on Thursday for its “shameful” role in the 18th Century Atlantic slave trade and pledged to fund opportunities for black and ethnic minority people.

But a regional alliance of Caribbean countries said that Britain’s institutions should go much further than simply apologising and give some of the wealth back to the Caribbean by funding development at the epicentre of the slave trade.

“It is not enough to say sorry,” said Hilary Beckles, chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Commission which was set up by Caribbean countries to seek reparations from former colonial powers such as the United Kingdom, France and Portugal.

“We are not asking for anything as mendicant as handing out cheques to people on street corners,” Beckles told Reuters from Jamaica. “The issue of money is secondary, but in this instance the moral discharge of one’s duty does require in a market economy that you contribute towards development.”

There was no immediate reply from Lloyd’s of London to a request for comment.

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  1. the caribbean politicians are very corrupt and should not be trusted with any blank checks. I say that as a black person tired of these “forkers” stealing the little that we have to the point that we will never build ourselves and prepare our countries for future generations. these mongoose have to be removed for nation building to take place. stealing from a poor man, can only make him poorer. and this is what the caribbean politicians have done over and over.

  2. Yes reach out to them to fund laptops for the children by the thousands, school supplies and paid internet connections for every school child. Education must be free going forward…prior to Phd.
    Also reimburse all student loans to date for Caribbean.
    Give riches back to the children…

  3. Tim hfor the Queen to pay what she and her family owes. It’s amazing that they have been silent in all this. I guess Brits are too cowardly to hold their royal master accountable.

  4. As a UK citizen I am ashamed of my governments role in not seeking to redress the the damage to live and countries that it inflicted through the Slave Trade. The UK should be paying reparations for the benefits that they extracted through the misery of this awful practice and I for one will not rest easily until they do.

  5. I dont expect to much from our ex owners,but yes they could help our chidren getting a better education,but I dont think they will slit their veins for us.

  6. Paying reparations to your island paradises? Need some new Audi’s, bigger swimming pools maybe? One knows that the people who need it will never get it.

    • Evil woman. That’s the habit of white expats, come to st.lucia and complain and be negative about everything that u find a problem with. Go back to where u come from. Stop your dirty negative/ critical ways and you your self make a change. No pleasing you people.

  7. Funny the Zionist got compensated for what was done to them by the Nazi yet the Africans and the ilk…

    • ……………In the billions with apology all now it’s a struggle for black people to get a penny. Some politicians here need to apologize for their inheritance from the slave trade….all those who earned their monies from balanbuche and Denary Estates with the bodies of slaves still buried on it close to the river I have visited and seen it with my own eyes and now sit in higher office and chat how they are not racist. Go look at their accounts at Barclays and Scotia bank how much they use to deposit every Wednesday why do you think why we still in 2020 have half day most islands did away with it only backward st Lucia can’t get their act together.

  8. This is load of B.S. we owed nothing. if not for slavery we would be in some $hithole west african country. starving and fighting of rebels,and militants. My forefathers paid a dear price but I glad I here and not in bloody Soalia or frick’in Sudan. Piss on you all for being greedy. Be thankful we here governing ourself’s. Not under some corrupt warlord. Be honest, we lucky.

    • When some people including Africans themselves sold their own people to those evil Europeans that pain is embedded in my DNA. This is the part of the story that no one likes to hear. The betrayal of our own. They got rid of their best, their strongest. Africa was brought to its knees when our ancestors were taken. I don’t forgive any of these people. I don’t think that ancestor of mine in Africa ever forgave them for what happened. And guess what? that African DNA in me is not forgiving any participant in this; white or black. At least, out of that trauma, came us. And being where I am now, is okay.

  9. What or where would compensation monies go to!
    The UK has been probably the biggest benefactor of aid to Africa for decades! Problem is nothing moves onward and upward …. cause the folks like living the way they do and seldom want change! Same here in St Lucia … people just like complaining … don’t want change or decent buildings or progress … just always begging for money!
    People need to stop playing the race card. And the slave trade continues even here in St Lucia … blacks working for black boss …. and paid a pittance!!! Look no further than your own doorstep …. wake up people …

  10. Yes and those British ******* before they see we black people first thing they ask… Why are you here? I always tell them I come and take what’s rightfully mine

  11. Nothing is rightfully yours until you’ve worked for it and worked with integrity and honesty …
    People migrate … they have done for centuries, searching for a better life or climate and the privilege of living in a different culture! They don’t intend to take anything that isn’t theirs. That isn’t the British culture at all. Don’t forget the investment that comes from people coming to live in these islands … it’s not to take what doesn’t belong to them …
    there is good and bad everywhere … and the slavery thing still happening globally …. that will be one part of history eventually too … it’s the world once lived in and the one we still live in sadly!

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