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Soufriere Family Upset Over ‘Sex Interview’ With Mentally Ill Woman

A Soufriere family has expressed disgust over what has been described as a ‘sex interview’ in which a mentally ill woman talks about a sexual encounter with a man.

A family source told St Lucia Times that the 53 year old mentally ill female was ‘deliberately interviewed’ by two men, who video taped her explicit responses.

The woman’s face was shown in the recording.

According to the source, the video recording was than shared on social media and went viral.

The recording is said to have been made on Tuesday of last week.

“This has left the family of the victim feeling traumatised that there was  such blatant disrespect and disregard for the victim because of her mental status. As we know anything that is shared on social media is never deleted,”a concerned member of the mentally ill woman’s family told St Lucia Times.
“Whilst we understand that there are currently no laws against cyber bullying in Saint Lucia, the children of the victim would like to appeal to the government to take the necessary actions that can help minimise these cases in the future,” the family member said.
“Also the family would like to thank the public especially  those who  discontinued sharing and openly commenting about the negative implications of the video’s content,” St Lucia Times was informed.
The matter was reported to the police.


  1. When I saw the video came out I said law inforcment should charge the people who film the video.some people think everything is a joke shame they know the lady is not a normal person.

  2. I never saw a Video, I don’t live in St.Lucia but after reading the story written above, I think it was disgusting
    that anyone should Video tape a mentally challenged person and have it circulated for a cheap thrill. One person
    may be a patient, does not make her relatives the same. People must be more sensitive to the feelings of others.
    Something should be done about that.

  3. It’s high time for the soufriere men start to respect women, I born and raised in soufriere, from the age of 12 year I can remember these guys sitting on the block by missThel used to insult me everytime I passed, I was in my twenties and it was still happening, until I leave and went to Castries. Now on in England, came back in 2008 to attend my dad funeral, I was passing my the soufriere church, there come this dolor guys started to insult me for not reason. Did what I always do walked away and asked my why, and cry in silent. It was so sad and upset seeing this video, I think this behaviour needs to stop. Am not say it’s only happening in soufriere, it’s round st Lucia.

  4. This is when our law need to reflect the times we are living in. We have some lazy and self serving politicians on both sides who refuse to modernize our laws because it doesn’t affect them personally. These guy who did the video should have been arrested and charged. But with what? They victimized the poor lady. Embarrassed her family and Kore so her children. People must think first be for we do things. Let the best of our humanity be our guide.

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