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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am
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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am

Soufriere man dies after Christmas Day fracas

A Soufriere man succumbed Thursday night, after being struck on the head with a piece of stick on Christmas Day.

The man had been in an unresponsive state in hospital since the incident.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased as Randy Augustine of Fond St Jacques, Soufriere.

Augustine, 30, is reported to have been hit around 9. pm. at Bois Den, Fond St Jacques, during an altercation at a family gathering.

A nineteen year old resident of Delcer, Choiseul is currently in police custody, a law enforcement source has disclosed .

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the  accused sustained injuries to the face.

Saint Lucia has recorded 57 homicides for the year so far.


  1. I was hopeful that the death wouldnt reach sixty when homicides slowed down during this month but it looks like the killings are starting up again

  2. We need to admit that a lot of These issues have to do with poor conflict management skills. If it can happen on family setting far less to strangers on the street. The family needs to work with the school and the churches in teaching children the value of life, how to be assertive without being violent, how to respect others space and how to solve our issues. Our problem is more than a crime, it’s broken homes, lack of respect for authority, shortage of role models from the highest offices and in the homes. The fear of God is no longer in this nation. I cannot blame government for this but instead all of us who no longer set standards/boundaries and compromise on every way. We need to all agree and together build a new St Lucia irrespective of political and religious differences.

  3. Lord Jesus, we beg for Peace and Love in our Country St. Lucia as we enter the New Year 2018 Amen.

      • Shut ur face… where is the dread lock wearing individual do u speak of?… is ur mother the one who raised the savage?

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