Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Soufriere Priest Chides Catholics Over Cash Contributions

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Soufriere Parish Priest, Albert Aaron Smith, has chided members of the congregation over their financial donations to the church.

“Two weeks ago the collection was  two hundred and something dollars on a Sunday morning right here in Soufriere. We should be ashamed of ourselves,” Smith declared.

He spoke last weekend in the context of honouring God with one’s valuable things and making offerings in connection with the blessings received from the Almighty.

“Are you telling me that the Lord has not blessed you? Are you telling me that what God gave you is not good enough to give part of it to say: ‘Thanks to God?'”

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“When you look at the Catholic church among the other Christian churches, the Catholics give less in their Churches –  go and do your research,” the Clergyman asserted.

“How are you using your talents in building the body of Christ?” He asked the congregation.

Switching from English to Kweyol, Smith declared that when some Catholics leave to go to other religions, they give the pastors their entire salaries to facilitate cruises, vacations and personal vehicles.

“But when we’re in the Catholic church we do none of that,” he continued.

However, he made clear that no priest is asking Catholics to do that.

“What we are asking you to do is to give enough so that the affairs of the Parish community can be taken care of,” Smith stated.

“But when you tell me that you come to a weekend mass and a Sunday mass it’s two hundred and something dollars, that is a shame. That is a shame. If only we knew how much God has blessed us, we would be ready to give our entire pay packet in ‘thank you’,” the Parish Priest said.

But he asserted that many Christians, many Catholics have a great sense of ingratitude.

Smith expressed the view that they do not know how to say thanks.

Headline photo caption: Soufriere Parish Priest, Albert Smith




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