Soufriere Rival Groups Attend Anti-Violence Meeting

Press Release:- On Friday 3rd of July 2020, the office of the Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere/Fond St.Jacques Hon. Herod Stanislas  organized an Anti-Violence Peace Treaty Meeting between rival groups in the community at the Cool Breeze Conference Room from 4pm.

This event was held under the theme: ‘We are one- say no to guns’ and was led by a small delegation of community leaders in an effort to address and find solutions in order to mitigate and curb the recent spate of gun violence in the community.
Part of the delegation included Pastor Kendall Augustin of the Christ is the Answer Church, Ms Janny Joseph- Director of Gender Relations at the Ministry of Education, Corporal Marbert Octave of the Soufriere Criminal Investigative Division, Ms Charkar Esnard President of Team Unite youth group and Johnson Simon (Youth Development Officer) at the Soufriere Foundation.
The Parliamentary Rep and other speakers addressed the gathering and provided words of encouragement, upliftment, motivation and ways to better channel their energies to a more positive direction.
Ms Charkar Esnard spoke about her personal experience in losing her younger brother to violence and how it has changed her life and her family and pleaded with the young men to look to a more positive direction in their lives.
Members of the different groups pledged to the gathering that they would put an end to the dispute and work together.
The Minister said ” We have made great strides today in resolving parts of the issues surrounding the violence, it is not a done deal as we will continue to monitor and do everything within our power to ensure we do our best to bring some sort of normalcy back to the town. We continue to strive to provide programs, employment and opportunities for our youth, and in the coming weeks we will roll out more initiatives to better strengthen and prepare our youth towards a more prosperous life and goal oriented future. As a community, we believe in our youth and look to the future with hope that they will prevail against all odds and make the best of all opportunities presented to them.”


  1. It was a commendable first step effort to bring an end to the escalating violence between two rival groups. I am not naive to think a pep talk, promises and some confessions will resolve this social matter. I hope the leaders will invest in resources to help these young people focus on living a meaningful, purposeful and productive life. No to guns and yes to what?

  2. St.lucia is way to small to have any kind of gang to begin with . this is copy cat ..young men want to do like the US and other larger countries . parents are fully aware of such activity their engages in . not nice for soufrierie which fully depends on tourism

  3. As a young boy I played with ‘Tops’ and ‘Marbles’ the word Gang was not known in
    the St.Lucia I grew up in. If I had a fight with one of the boys, I was afraid that his
    mother would come to my Mom to complain, because The Fox never loses a fight.
    It was either that I won all the Marbles or my Top split his Top in a Top fight. We played
    Cow Boys and Crooks, firing toy guns at each other with “Amos” at ‘Six Pence’ a pack.
    Can some body please tell me – “what has gone wrong?” is it too much american T.V.
    life style, the envy for material property in a hurry & not having to work for it? tell me.
    The small corner shops don’t sell Marbles or Tops anymore? am I living in my Bubble?
    Where is that Lady who walked the hot pavement, barefooted ringing that Bell loudly,
    proclaiming fresh catch of (excess) fish, “come get it, Flying fish & all” but I wondered
    for doing what she did, how much was she paid? I will one day see this poor woman in
    the presence of the servants of the Lord, Along with “Ada” the mute and deaf who saved
    me from drowning at the Soufriere beach,Oh Soufriere, what has happening to you? you
    who did have the most beautiful chiming Church Bells? Get back to the safety of the Lord.

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