Soufriere Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

One man is dead following a shooting incident Saturday morning at Fond St Jacques Soufriere.

The deceased has been identified by law enforcement officials as Ison Francis St John, 38.

He and his girlfriend operated B’s Bar, it was reported.

According to information, masked gunmen entered the establishment opened fire, took cash from a drawer and fled.

St John was shot outside the business place about 1:45 am, a law enforcement official, quoting an eyewitness account told St Lucia Times.

A video posted on social media shows a man in a red long sleeved top and what appeared to be khaki trousers lying on his back.

A crowd of onlookers gathered outside the perimeter of the caution tape used by the police to cordon off the area around the crime scene.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 19 homicides for the year.



  1. They prefer to rob and kill instead of going and work for the private sector for 4 dollars an hour …I wonder why

    • Firstly… I don’t know what woefully uneducated and misinformed world you’re living in but not all private sector jobs are $4 per hour. Second, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. It is obvious that the young businessman (unlike a lot of young men) took the initiative to make more than $4 an hr instead of complaining and robbing and killing (based on your skewed logic) unlike these fools. These losers are just lazy cowards who watch and wait for any opportunity to do their nonsense. This is why most of us dont cry or complain when the police shoot them.

    • One meal a day, you make me nauseous…sick to the stomach. I grew up in the poorest area of Castries. There were days when my brothers and I drank only squash when we left school for lunch. There were a bunch of kids in my same situation. Those guys and girls have gone to do extremely well without commiting crimes. They worked hard and were disciplined. Some of the guys from La Pansee that I knew are extraordinary if you know how they started.
      I am tired of your bull and low self-esteem. It’s a disrespect to everyone who was born poor and made the sacrifices. What a low-life! As bright as a 2-watt bulb.

    • One Meal A Day you don’t even deserve one more breath. You and this other idiot always talking about $4.00 jobs. What world are you living in. There are good paying jobs especially if you go to school and do what you have to do. Stop peddling your nonsense. These guys just don’t want to work. I looked for a job for one, gave him bus money too. All he had to do was show up. He never went and took the money to smoke weed. The guy who die didn’t go to school but he chose to work hard, open his little business and make a living for himself. Why can’t thieves like you do the same.

    • Obviously that person supports crime. Wait till it hits his/her home you will hear a different story. These guys need to be sent to jail and work damn hard to see how we people struggle to make our dollar. Lazy asses.

  2. Omg. Another lost his life trying to earn a living. These lazy robbers need to stop. What happens to his kids, if he has any….smh. This needs to stop. Condolences to the family

    • That’s all yall fit for, cannot even make a valuable contribution. But, must jump on PM. Full of baloney.

    • Stop making everything political. You people are so damn ignorant. Try and follow Christ instead of political parties.

    • Stop your ignorance. Is the pm’s starting the crim in the 1st place? Is the pm’s programming those bunch of low life’s to go commit unlawful acts? NO I GUESS NOT, SO STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PM’S STOPPING CRIME. The pm is like you and any other person. They are no super hero’s. It could be out own families committing those crimes and we do not know. So forget the pm and start looking at us

    • The persons Who Committed this Senseless Crime .Must have Close friends who they will Boast about that Robbery /Murder .Give the police the information to Arrest the fools who Committed this Senseless Act .I am positive the information is there call and give the police these fools names

  3. The persons Who Committed this Senseless Crime .Must have Close friends who they will Boast about that Robbery /Murder .Give the police the information to Arrest the fools who Committed this Senseless Act .I am positive the information is there call and give the police these fools names

  4. Why blame the pm about crime I have never heard of he being in jail for murder etc them fellas have to learn to make their own bread and leave ppl bread for them

  5. Kenny could not make us safe but now Chastanet doing it. Bravo Chastanet papa Mantee. Soufriere people say you have a degree in Mantee..

  6. I totally agree with the person’s that say those that know who do this senseless crime report to the police we all have families too this not about our bestie’s it about the ppl the are hurting and killing I pray to God that they get these criminals

  7. This is stupid. The police aren’t doing their jobs right and thats it. This is not the first time a bar has been robbed at gun point in the same area and they haven’t done anything about. Multiple robberies has been reported and they haven’t done anything about. And that’s not the only shooting as well. With so much going on you’d think that they would have something to work and get to arrest at least one person.

  8. Loosing a life isn’t easy especially in these tragic circumstances. My heartfelt condolences to his families.However,we ought to be honest with ourselves and let the chip falls where it may. I, don’t foresee, some of the comments being political; the truth shall always offend whenever, it’s being spoken.The records are there and it will remains till death do us part.The Prime Minister,did beat his chest and stated that;”Kenny Anthony, didn’t make you all safe,but I, will”. Asking him to account for his words isn’t being political.

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