Soufriere Town Council Square project aborted

Minister with  responsibility for Local Government and Culture, Fortuna Belrose, has announced that in keeping with the new policy direction of the government, the square project of the Soufriere Town Council has been terminated.

Belrose told reporters today the project was ended because of a new policy direction in regard to Soufriere.

“It is necessary for us to redesign the project to integrate the new areas that the government of Saint Lucia feels necessary to be able to achieve the goals we want for the community of Soufriere,” she disclosed.

She explained that restructuring and redevelopment of the project will be undertaken with the key persons involved , including re-tendering.

According to Belrose, the services of the Architect will not be retained.

“This project has come to an end with the current contractors,” she said.

Belrose stated:

“Obviously in terminating the contract there would be the various clauses that would deal with the termination and we will be working through that with the Architects – they are very well aware of that and of course that process is happening.”

The project was originally funded by the Taiwanese.

Belrose revealed that they have been informed of the government’s decision.

She said the new administration will be working with the Taiwanese and other partners to realize the project.

“I think the critical thing for us is the use of arts, heritage and culture traditions of Soufriere to accelerate a regeneration of the area,” Belrose said.

She noted that Soufriere is the tourism capital of Saint Lucia.

“What we want to ensure is that when people come in they feel that from the onset – our vision for Soufriere is that Soufriere will become the Garden of Eden of the Caribbean; so it is our intention to ensure whatever is delivered takes that into consideration,” Belrose told reporters.

She observed that Soufriere is also a very small town.

Belrose explained that the government wants to ensure that whatever is developed takes care of the transportation network and the movement of people across the community.

She stated that the process of the redesign of the Soufriere Town Council Square project is already underway.