Thursday, September 29, 2022

Soufriere Youth Conclude Another Community Clean-Up

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Press Release:– The new environmental project in Soufriere St Lucia saw its first project, the removal of small waste from the Soufriere main river.

This waste would otherwise have been washed out into the sea with some being consumed by fish that could then enter the town’s food chain.

Following the success of the first project, part of the group that participated met yesterday to do another environmental project.

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Many members of the group participating in the first project were from the Baron’s Drive area of Soufriere.

These young people wanted to make a difference to their community and pointed out that the streets are cleaned regularly but the waterside and small gullies are left full of discarded refuse and these bottles and trash are washed into the sea during heavy rain.

The young people said that this would be a worthy project as they can help keep the area clean.

With an additional sum donated to the project, the group planned the major clean-up.

Sixteen young people from the locality arrived promptly and enthusiastically, ready for hard work at 7.30 am sharp.

Members of the  group gathered at the waterfront at the Southern most tip of Baron’s Drive and had a short briefing about why they were undertaking the task and the dangers plastics pose to our health by contaminating fish that we eat from the sea.

The group collected gloves and extra large garbage bags and began the sweep of the area.

They gathered plastic bottles, and cans, and general plastic garbage that was disposed of into the crevices of rocks along the beach. 

Whilst the team members were working, a number of local residents spoke to them and asked why they were cleaning.

On informing the local residents of why the project was being undertaken, a number of them joined in, some asking for garbage bags to collect rubbish from around their homes. 

They identified that there were four ravines going down from the hillside and terminating in the sea, which also were full of garbage.

They set about gathering the garbage in small teams, with some in each of the identified areas.

A number of younger children saw the effort and began helping unprompted.

The group asked all whom they saw to encourage others to dispose of garbage  in a better and more thoughtful manner.

While carrying out the clean up, concerns were raised about the lack of general refuse collection.

The residents observed that the refuse company is paid for two collections a week and given that the bins are overflowing, the double collection should resume.

Suggestions were made to ensure double weekly collections or increase the number of large bins.

On completing the clean over 50 bags of garbage were collected and loaded onto a truck to be removed to the dump.

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