Special Police Constable Arrested In Babonneau For Illegal Gun, Ammunition

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Police conducting an operation in Babonneau on Tuesday arrested a young Special Police Constable (SPC) with an illegal firearm.

Officers arrested the SPC around 10:30 pm at a bar in the community.

According to reports, the young man, believed to be in his twenties, had a Glock .380 and 13 rounds of ammunition in his possession.

He is currently in police custody.

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There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Dem police that doing all the shooting in st lucia not no so call bad man or gangster. Now mate him self dat kill all them people this year so far. Good job rslpf nomore crime in st Lucia

  2. Every dirty police officer in St.Lucia owns an illigal/Unlicensed firearm. They carry it with them whenever they go out on duty. When the time is right and the coast is clear, those same illigal/Unlicensed firearm is planted on the ghetto to justify the unlawful killing. Be smart Lucia open your eyes…

  3. There is no justice in this world anymore. A cop allegedly has to go the illegal way to get his justice. That proves there is alot we do not know but can only speculate what is taking place where criminality is concern here.

  4. Is he trained to use it? Before I judge I would love to hear the details of this– this situation is detrimental to the RSLPF, however, however- the truth needs to be revealed about this situation. A good standing/ trained police officer should be given all courtesies to possess a legal firearm. Now if this guy was a good officer and still being turned down by the brotherhood/ “who you know” system to own a legal firearm, then maybe he has a defense. As a man with a role to defend my family, I will not hesitate to own one if our lives are threatened and police not helping!

  5. My island Saint Lucia is a very corrupt and crime ridden country, and that may just be an understatement. However, the lone institution held accountable and blamed for all its ills is The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Sadly so. The populace expect this organization to be a panacea for all its ills and its members – Saints. Continue burying you heads in the sand Lucian – you hypocrites.

    My take from this situation is that the RSLPF is not afraid of going after it’s own. And I commend them for that. While we accuse them of doing nothing about corruption, they have repeatedly said that there is a need for evidence upon which to act. This situation clearly supports the fact that they are willing to act once the evidence presents itself.

    Now what is important to me is how this criminal made his way into the ranks of the RSLPF. Wasn’t he vetted and if he was, how did his assessors miss the fact that he was a criminal, something know by everyone from his neighborhood. He and his recently murdered sibling were no different. So how did the police miss that. As a society, it is now common knowledge that some of the worst in the school system make it to the police service – ask any teacher and you will be told the not so surprising truth. So the RSLPF definitely has to improve its standard of recruitment and stop hiring through the back door their nephews, nieces, children, friends and friends of politicians etc. let everyone go through rigorous vetting to ensure that the best of our corrupt and crime riddled society, are employed as “law enforcers”.

  6. Re Article, have he applied for a license to carry a firearm and it’s taking too long for a response?
    He should also be investigated to find out the source of where he bought the firearm from..

  7. by the way he does not have a name
    that’s one of the ways of encouraging them police to commit crimes they know their names will not be mentioned in public

  8. Ten years for illegal fire arm holders..Make an example of him.. Government cant be exhausted trying to work with agencies to curb this thing and you are meant to be enforcing the law and forming the fool..Give him 10 yrs..sentence straight, no bloody remand

  9. There you have it folks…So far a few years back a customs officer had an illegal firearm,now a police officer,wouldn’t surprise me if some lawyers & big shots in society have them as well…St Lucia has lost its way & theres no going back,but this is just a 2 day story,he’ll be on bail & back on the force doing desk duties in no time folks.He might even get promoted in a few years or even a government job from his favorite party & it’ll all be forgotten.Welcome to the Helen of the Wild Wild West.

  10. People are still taking the law for a joke. It goes to show you no matter what laws are in place once leaders are not taken seriously, people will constantly flout the laws.
    A young police officer with this mentality in a prominent position where he educate the youth like him goes on to find himself in this position to be arrested. The youth are messed up bad and they want to be leaders at a young age.

  11. so what lead to his arrest was he suspected by people that maybe he was just an ordinary citizen carrying a gun and police was called and they so happened to search him and found out he was indeed a police officer but he had on his person an illegal fire arm? i dont get this guy , if you an spc how and why are you carrying an unregistered gun? i am not saying police not doing things but i believe there is more to this story.

  12. I want to hear the Magistrate bang a thirty thousand dollars ($30 000) on him. There should be no discretion by the magistrate. As a policeman should know better. The bail, if any, should be no less than $15 000 cash, with no suitable surety.

      • Totally agree with the intent of your comment. I rather have an illegal firearm in the hands of a police officer 100 times before the hands of the criminals. I will feel much safer. I have always argued that our society is a hypothetical one. We plant bananas and expect to harvest plantains. Police officers are products of our society and from time to time will engage in the same ills as the general population. Sadly so, but it’s the reality. They didn’t fall from the sky – we indoctrinated and socialized them. I pity the young officer for having the unlicensed firearm but I assume that he would want what we all crave – protection – the ability to defend himself if he comes under fire. A firearm in the right hands is no threat to society – no more than a knife or a pice of wood is. However, I agree that the law should be upheld and that he should be punished. I pray that the one who is duty bound to impose a sentence on him do so sparingly. I wonder how many of us so called law abiding citizens feel the compulsion to possess or actually possess an illegal firearm? In arguing, I have always asked – who is a thief. Is it the person who steals or the person caught and convicted for stealing.

        The weapon of choice in the UK is a knife. Should the UK respond by enacting laws to jail for life anymore caught with a knife? Just asking. Let us instead deal with the root cause of crime for I can assure you we will get better results. There will always be illegal firearms in our society, no matter the consequences. However, if the root cause of crime is addressed, people will see less of a need to possess them, especially illegally.

      • He SHOULD be held to higher standard. He is a police officer!! Its because of people like him that the public does not trust the police force. If this is your attitude towards someone’s opinion of the situation, as a police officer, you should resign.

    • This gun should be tested to find out how many murders it has been involved in. Wait we do not have the facilities to do so.

    • I agree with the man all police gun lock up and the commissioner and the heads alone go home with guns even the minister’s take guns in the armory to go home and the police go home with his hand swinging.


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