Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Special Services Unit Basic Course Commences

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On Monday, July 4, 2022, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force commenced its Special Services Unit (SSU) Basic Course.

The six-week paramilitary training course, is being conducted at the Saint Lucia Fire Service Training School, with a total of thirty participants of which, twenty-five are males and five are females.

At the opening ceremony, the participants were greeted by Inspector Irvin Mason, the Course Chief Instructor and SSU South sub-unit Commander.

Expectations of participants, the significance and demands of the upcoming weeks were emphasized by Superintendent Troy Lamontagne, the Commander of the SSU.

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The course is designed to build the requisite capacity to prevent and respond to our current crime and security challenges, through intensive physical, tactical and technical training.

The rigorous program includes areas such as combat fitness, land navigation, use of force, first aid, firearm training, internal security and critical incident report writing.

The program will also feature a heavy emphasis on human rights and ethics. On completion, it is expected that the individuals who have successfully undergone the training will become better equipped to respond to the changing threat environment through an understanding of and development of paramilitary skills and tactics.

The planning of the exercises was sanctioned by the Commissioner of Police Milton Desir, about twelve months ago and he is pleased to see that the course has commenced, with a program that will undoubtedly groom skilled police officers who will contribute immensely towards the force’s efforts in crime reduction and overall citizen security.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. @c-wiz Everything you say is true – it is a complex situation and needs to be dealt with in a cohesive way, not just a training course, although that’s a start. And community leaders also need to be involved at grass roots level. In terms of human rights & ethics, hopefully that means understanding people with mental health conditions, which is not even a criminal matter but a health issue. Unless the person with the mental health condition is violent or acting aggressively, the Police should not be involved. It should be dealt with by medically trained people. However Police also need to be trained in dealing with psychotic aggressive behaviour which is different to criminally violent behaviour. One is an unfortunate health condition, the other is generally a conscious choice…

  2. All well and good that this program is being initiated…but we don’t only want the force to be trained and expect crime levels to decrease…we must also tackle this other issues in society such as poor education, lack of jobs for the those who have left school, delinquent youths, workshops for parents on how to raise well rounded citizens, a social system that care for the more disadvantaged in society…teaching of civics in school…a community drive to identify at risk kids or families and finds ways to avoid these families falling off the cliff…in the end everyone is everyone’s responsibility…that’s why it’s called community….we need to revisit that concept….there must be a multi pronged approach to issues in our society…get the schools involved in identifying potential at risk kids, the health centres in the community should be a contact point .. identify people in the community with skills that can implement these ideas in the communities …

  3. When Police Officers on a Crime Scene or Accident Scene Most Of the Observers like to Involve or Obstruct the Police in executing Their Duties

  4. you forgot one thing to add to that course as well “People skills.” or if there is a better name for it.
    Learn how to talk to people dont be unnecessarily aggressive and watch how you talk and interact with people some of yall talking to people as if their yall children


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