Sportsmax:– Usain Bolt does not want to lose at major championships like anyone else.

For the big man though, losing means more than it does to probably any other track athlete in the world; it’s not supposed to happen.

Faced with tough questions from youngsters at a kiddie press conference to launch Digicel’s Bring the Beat’ campaign, Bolt revealed, maybe not for the first time, that losing was his biggest fear.

“My greatest fear is actually losing at a championship, that’s my greatest fear, like losing at the Olympics,” said Bolt, in a frank response to one of the youngster’s questions.

The possibility of Usain Bolt losing in a major finally was most believable prior to the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, China, when the big sprinter was troubled by injury and race rustiness.

He shook that off to run faster than he had gone all year, but still only managed to beat his main rival, Justin Gatlin, two metres from the tape.

Bolt vowed to be more ready for the Rio Olympics where he attempts to make history by becoming the first man to win the sprint double (100 and 200-metres) at three consecutive Games.

Meanwhile, Gatlin’s development ahead of the Rio Olympics has been spot on. However, his performances have not managed to draw the attention of the world’s fastest man.

In fact, Bolt doesn’t believe Gatlin is his greatest challenge, figuring that the return of Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake, is the biggest threat to a third double at the Olympics.

Gatlin, on the other hand, believes he has finally found the formula for beating Bolt.

“I’m going to win. We are bringing it (gold medal) back to the USA,” said Gatlin.

In response, Bolt, mimicked Gatlin: “’I’m going to win. We are bringing it (gold medal) back to the USA’. It’s just something that he says every year, and we will see.”

According to the big sprinter, his preparation is something that matters to him far more than anything Gatlin has to say about the rivalry.

“Everything is going on well, I can’t complain. All I need is more races and I will get them leading up to the trials. After the trials, I will be in better shape, what I need now is a lot more races to help me to get ready,” he said.