Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Springer: ‘We Can And We Must Beat This 5th Wave Quickly!’

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The Chairman of Saint Lucia’s national COVID-19 Management Centre (CMC), Cletus Springer, has underscored the responsibility of each citizen to contribute meaningfully to the fight against COVID-19 as this country battles a 5th wave of the virus, which health officials say has not yet peaked.

As a result, Saint Lucia expects more increases in COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks.

“We can and we must beat this fifth wave quickly. There is too much at stake,” Springer told a news conference on Wednesday.

Springer asserted that it is in everyone’s best interest, regardless of their agenda, age, job, religion, or political persuasion, to ensure that this country overcomes the fifth wave in the shortest possible time.

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“The question each and everyone of us must ask ourselves is: ‘How do we contribute? How do I contribute?’ What must I do? The simple reality is that our future and that of our country is in our hands,” the CMC Chairman asserted.

According to Springer, things can get better or worse depending on people’s behavior and their choices.

National Epidemiologist Dr. Michelle Francois-D’ Auvergne compared the period from January 5 to 11 with the end of December into the beginning of January, noting an infection rate of 116.6 per 100,000 population.

She said this compared to the forty-seven for the previous seven days.

“So we have more than doubled the infection rate. When we look at also our test positivity rate, that has significantly increased as well,” the National Epidemiologist told the news conference.

“When we look at the daily infection rate we are at 116. We should be under ten,” the senior Health Ministry official declared.

Francois-D’ Auvergne explained that according to international guidelines, being under ten per 100,000 population indicates low transmission.

She said the authorities are monitoring the situation closely to ensure there is no outbreak at learning institutions and children are safe.

The National Epidemiologist said the steep increase in COVID-19 cases in Saint Lucia is a cause for concern as the health care system is in danger of being overwhelmed.

As a result, she urged strict adherence to the protocols and public health measures to reduce the spread of the virus while acknowledging that there’s currently a level of ‘COVID fatigue.’

The National Epidemiologist reiterated that although Saint Lucia has not confirmed the presence of the Omicron Variant, health authorities suspect it is already here.

“We behave as if it is on the Island at the moment,” she stated.

Immunisation Manager Tecla Jn Baptiste told the news conference that vaccines remain Saint Lucia’s most cost-effective measure in the COVID-19 fight in addition to prevention and control measures.

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout locally started in February 2021.

Still, despite vaccine availability throughout the Island and a public education campaign, Jn Baptiste disclosed that as of January 11, 27.7 percent of the population had attained full vaccine coverage, with 3.4 percent partially vaccinated.

Jn Baptiste said health officials had noted an overall decrease in the response at the vaccination sites over the past two to three months as vaccine hesitancy continues to be a ‘major challenge.’



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  1. According to health research,more than ten thousand or more has been dead cause of jabs vaccine followed by standby effects waiting for death !!

  2. @vinny Jones, for your information, I chose to use the word Out; note that I could have also used any other word that begins with O which would give credence to the context of the message I want to bring across.

    Next time be a bit more broad and open minded and not limited in your thinking of the knowledge that the use of the English language and it’s words are both unlimited and dynamic in conveying messages by communicating through verbal and or written words to form sentences and paragraphs.

    With LMAO, I am sure anyone can take this acronym and apply it to any name or things that begins therewith.

    Now @ Vinny Jones, can your mind wrap around what I just wrote, if not, then who’s the idiot. It’s not a wise thing to label someone negatively if you don’t or can’t comprehend.


  4. How can we Springer? With a clueless government, the people will perish and the evidence is quite clear for everyone to see. When protocols needed to be tightened, our PM opened the floodgates. The horses have bolted Mr PM, why try to close the gates now. Deal with the monster you created cause you know fully well that the fifth wave peak is at least one week away.

  5. I eh listening to no flambeau coming and talk to me like the past massa. I eh vote for that. Springwater is from the old cabal. I voted for change not same old in a turn coat

  6. How can we listen to mate? We didn’t vote SLP so that turncoat UWPs can treat us like the last PM. We were better off leaving who was there. PPF is not putting people first it’s putting political financiers first. Go away

  7. Two sides the vast majority of people dying with this have underlying health issues whether through age or disease. It is entirely possible to look fit and healthy and have life threatening health issues. If they were in fact following the science they would do everything to mandate health and fitness. That would significantly improve your outcomes with Covid. Anyone who says otherwise is a blabbering idiot. This was know from very early on.

  8. Springer you are a waste of time. After working in the US for over 10 years you are back in St. Lucia as a Yes Man. I expected you to have some clout, after all, you have nothing to lose. Most of the Cabinet Ministers are less educated than you are, why then, should they be rejecting your suggestions most of the times and you are still around. My friend traveled from the US. So far, he has refused to take the vaccine but when he traveled he had a negative covid-19 test. A member of Cabinet was inside the Hewannorra Airport enabling him to by pass the rules.. He said he spoke to the CMO on behalf of the individual. That is unacceptable, no cabinet member must use the CMO that way. I am in possession of the cabinet member walking with the individual to the front of the line and then through customs like a big Pitt Bull

  9. Philip cares every one in people face..the people on the busses coughing supermarket crowded the people are coughing rum shops one on top of the other no mask what kind of behavior is this in a pandemic..my God if our people don’t listen they will perish

  10. Your government rock the covid boat and gave irresponsible, party lovers, limers, Just drive arounders persons a free pass for the Christmas and new year’s holidays. What did you expected Springer.

    No body listens and take seriously anything this government says, their credibilty has gone down the drain with most of the population.

    Now you’ll can’t handle the problems your government created. LMAO (laughing my ass out)

  11. Permanent erectile dysfunction that is irreversible,this is a symptom just coming to light after taking COvid shots and booster,
    viagre dosages have skyrocketed! Smph Truth slowly comin out’ smph smph they saying it’s from getting COvid but it’s actually from the shots.

  12. Unknown you said it quite right. Schools have reopened their doors and some parents are still very irresponsible. Some students have had to be sent home cause parents though they know the children are sick , have still sent them to school. Also some parents though they are contact tracers awaiting test results, they send their children to school regardless. Teachers are having a hard time having to constantly caution students to maintain protocols. Now some teachers are anxious about their health, books to correct yet some of those children are coming in sick or have otherwise been exposed. Madam CMO and Chief Education officer, many teachers are worried because of irresponsibility and dishonesty of some parents.

  13. How can we Springer? when it is business as usual. Everyone out there is doing as they please. I am hearing stay home if you have flu like symptoms but take a walk on the street corners and by the market and you will hear vendors coughing in their hands with the masks underneath their chin. Crowded street corners, buses running with full capacity and some people sitting idle in groups on the streets. The strategy you have propose isn’t working and sitting on your rocking chair and talking to the media will not work. So you are just wasting your breath if you continue this method.

  14. I would like to see a study here in st Lucia that says how many people who were obese who actually have died from covid. Because I have noticed quite a few fit person’s with no known medical issue die with it.

  15. The rate of vaccination is decreasing as clearly indicated. Nevertheless, there is no emphasis on health promotion. Remember as mentioned and elaborated on by WHO, ” We can not Vaccinate ourselves out of this Pandemic “.

  16. Lol still not taking your failed vaccine. What does it do exactly? Because it sure doesn’t prevent one from catching or spreading covid. Eat shit n go to hell.

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