SSU Officers For Soufriere Amidst Concerns Over Gun Violence

Saint Lucia’s Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir has disclosed that Special Service Unit (SSU) officers will be sent to Soufriere, amidst concerns over a spike in gun violence there.

He explained that there will be a ‘dedicated team’ of SSU officers dispatched in the coming weeks to Soufriere until the situation is under control.

Desir made the disclosure while announcing that two individuals have been arrested and charged in connection with recent gun crime in the community.

He did not go into details.

The Acting Police Commissioner’s remarks to reporters Thursday follow a July 3, 2020 meeting in Soufriere during which rival groups pledged to keep the peace.

The meeting was organised by the MP for the area, Herod Stanislas.

Attendees included the Soufriere police and religious and community leaders.

The Acting Police Commissioner said officers have increased patrols in Soufriere.

He explained that once there is an increase in criminal activity, the police would shift resources to that particular area.

“Let me assure the residents of Soufriere that we will be dealing with the incidents head on and that is why two persons have been arrested and charged,” Desir stated.

He warned that possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition is a serious offence and the police will be doing all they can to find them and get them off the streets.




  1. Mr. Desir, you are too talkertive, stop talking, and do the job; you are only puting the officers in danger; the public don’t have to be aware of the police move, just like the police don’t have to know about the criminal’s move! ok?

  2. Deploying special forces to Soufriere to curb the recent escalation in gun violence is absolutely necessary to assuage community fear. However, this should not replace best practice in community policing. The police need to be visible and have a presence throughout the town. They need to be constantly interacting with the community at different levels.Building rapport with the community is priceless in terms of building trust. Absolutely, there need to be consequencies for violating the law. However, I would like to see some proactive crime prevention measures, and greater social support for the youth.

  3. They have a corpal from the soufriere police station , first you’ll should arrest him he involved.he has the police van up and down never in office .he is using the police van to do all his shopping for his rum shop. His best friend is a drug man. If you tell his boss anything about him she goes straight back and tell him.what other officers say about him.they know who they are.

  4. Why would that Commissioner La Rose inform the whole world that he is sending reinforcements to Soufriere. What is he expecting to achieve by doing that.

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