St. Jude Hospital Gets Medical Equipment

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by Fernelle Neptune

The St. Jude Hospital has received a donation of two significant pieces of medical equipment from the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs. The donation of a hematology analyzer and an immunoassay analyzer is expected to strengthen the delivery of diagnostic testing.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Jenny Daniel, said the donation signifies the continuation of the ministry’s goal to strengthen health service delivery.

“The Ministry of Health is acutely aware of the extreme significance of St. Jude Hospital as a national hospital within the south of the island and the need to ensure that the service provision is in tune with the health service delivery expectations at the hospital. So, at the Ministry of Health although we are a sister agency with oversight over the delivery of healthcare and not necessarily directly involved with the healthcare in St. Jude Hospital, we recognize the need for us to contribute and to strengthen that sector in order to relieve pressure on our other areas within the health sector.”

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Minister for Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste said the ministry will continue working with the St. Jude Hospital to ensure that health services provided to the patients are improved.

“The analyzers will allow clients to feel more confident in healthcare services. We have challenges at the St. Jude Hospital but we are trying our very best to improve the circumstances. I know that confidence will continue to grow in our system, our doctors and in our workers in general.”

Medical Director of the St. Jude Hospital Dr. Sybil Naitram-James expressed immense gratitude to the Ministry of Health for the equipment and says this will assist them with meeting the required standards for accreditation on an international level.

“For quite some time, we have been working with frequent down time on our current hematology machines leaving us unable to offer critical emergency labs to our clients. This machine will be doing our basic complete blood count with a 5-part differential. The second machine is actually the most exciting one is our immunoassay analyzer, which we call the clia maglumi 800. It will permit us to upgrade some of the tests that we are currently offering but it also has the additional feature of being able to offer a number of other tests that we were unable to process locally.”

The new medical equipment will allow the St. Jude Hospital to test for cancer markers and hormonal testing here in Saint Lucia.

The two medical equipment donated to the St. Jude Hospital is valued at EC $135, 000 dollars.

Source: Ministry of Health, Wellness & Elderly Affairs

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  1. Thanks for the donation. Patients will indeed be more satisfied. Also, it will assist those who are commenting negatively when they too become Patients. Thanks.

  2. WTF – This is like buying the furniture before the house is built or putting the cart before the horse. What is wrong with those kids dressed in the outfit of a big man. They are insulting the public everyday with their nonesense. It is one year St.Lucians elected you to serve and on the very one year anniversary, instead of giving an account you are on the news insulting them with equipment without a hospital – what type of nonesense is that.

  3. When will they stop playing their micky mouse games with St. Jude Hospital; Shame on you Moses Jn Baptiste for cowering under the two new comers, Castries Central and North. You are the Minister of Health, and it is your Constituency(and Kenny too) and you two guys are allowing them to get away with it;
    The money which was in the budget for the ‘New St. Jude Hospital’ was obviously rerouted and who knows, St. Jude because it was one of Chastanets’ babies, is left to rut unfinished, and the people of the whole South is deprived of a state of the Art Hospital. Watch what is happening my Dear Lord, and Bless the people of the Southern sector.


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