St Jude Hospital Holds Graduation Ceremony

On Monday, 26th August, 2019, a graduation ceremony was held at St. Jude Hospital in recognition of fifty-five (55) staff members who successfully completed training courses facilitated by the National Enrichment and Learning Unit (NELU) and St. Jude Hospital in the areas of Customer Service, Basic Electronic Installation, and Food Preparation: Cake Making and Decoration and Security Patrol Operations.

Under the initiative of Mr. Wayne C. Harrow, Chairman of St. Jude Hospital Board a Memorandum of Agreement was signed on March 6th, 2019 by St. Jude Hospital and NELU.  With strengthened collaboration with the National Enrichment & Learning Unit, (NELU) the necessary training for the institution was provided. Looking forward a training program for the period 2019-2020 was implemented.   

Special thanks goes out to the National Enrichment and Learning Unit, Program Facilitators and staff members for making this event possible and a tremendous success.

The theme of the graduation was “Step into Your Greatness with a Brand New Attitude”.



  1. Good initiative, for the staff well deserve. but bad board and management team. Treats staff like dirt on the ground. No respect,no appreciation. Even at the graduation Harrow can make threats about getting trained or be replaced even with foreigners. Persons employed without jobs being advertised. Lots more issues the public does not even know. Investigate lots more hidden.

  2. Just make sure you get the hell out of our stadium,as soon as posible,and dont leave any dead bodies in the sewer please,all the athletic comunity is waiting anxiously,we want you out.

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