St Jude Hospital Reconstruction ‘Well Underway’

The St Jude Hospital Reconstruction project is well underway, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced.

“As we speak, over 300 tonnes of steel is being prepared and laid for the foundation of the project. Approximately 60 construction workers are currently employed on the site and this number will increase significantly as work progresses,” a post on the PM’s official Facebook page Monday disclosed.

Workers on site (Photo courtesy PM’s Facebook page)

Photo courtesy PM’s Facebook page

According to the post,  the St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project will deliver a 90-bed facility that will cater for both inpatient and outpatient services.

It noted that the project will involve the construction of:

a) A new wing to incorporate all the functions and services of the existing East and Surgical Wings.

b) Integration through retrofitting of some existing buildings to achieve a fully functioning hospital to match the services of a level 4 facility; and

c) Revision of the internal layout of buildings to be integrated for functional efficacy and compliance to minimum standards.

The new wing will comprise inter-connected two-storey structures to be erected on the left-hand side of the entrance to the existing site, Chastanet said on his official Facebook page.


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  1. Elections coming just now and now alone mate want to start the reconstruction process of the hospital? Something that should have been made a priority a long time ago? SMH

      • We are definitely paying attention. At least it will be built and completed before the 5 years, unlike the opposition who could not complete it in 10years.

    • At least it will be built and completed before the 5 years. Unlike labor had got a structure already there and could not complete it in 10 years. You’ll stupid hacks.

      • @ Lynn. What is “it”? Unless you know sthing that the rest of Saint Lucian don’t know, then that “it” could be anything! It would be nice to say that the new SJ will be completed in 16 months- that’s what transparent people do! How about unveil the construction plans or the renders -share it online so we the people of VF + St Lucia can see!
        Everything for you idiots is a party politics- anyone who ask questions or raises a concern is a hack? Gosh man!

      • You should go back and look at your timeline. You are so focus on partisan s*** that you must have forgotten that it all started on Kings watch. The other guys were there for 5 years and there is a reason why they are not there anymore. Go back and do your homework before spewing half truths. Where is the plan and when will the end date be.

      • Before calling people stupid, maybe checking your facts before posting would have served you well. The other guys were there for only 5 years. Where are you getting 10 from. It all started with King. So who is really the hack!!! The joke is on you now.

  2. But wait not so long ago the former chairman told you all fools to do this . Guess freshstart and guy did not get their way so many deaths later back to plan A smh .

    • I just my people. Ha ha ha ha. you all remember, well there is hope. And to those who said at least it’s been done ; just remember it was near done already and 2hat ever “flaws” there was, I would rather be there than in that stadium. I was there as recent as last week a disgrace is putting it mildly, but we have new horse track next door yeaaaaa how nice.

  3. Why wasn’t it a priority for Kenny Anthony? After all wasn’t it his own constituency? As usual “party politics” associated lucians always has something to say.

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