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Updated on June 2, 2020 8:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 8:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 8:26 am

St Jude Hospital Site ‘High Security’ Area?

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, says it appears that the St Jude Hospital site is now a “high security” area.

Anthony made the comments in a post on the official website of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“Believe it or not, no one is allowed to take any footage unless permission is expressly given by Guy Joseph, Minister of Economic Development. Cameras are not allowed. Don’t even try to go in with a knapsack,” the former PM stated.

The Vieux Fort South MP disclosed that  to ensure these restrictions are enforced, the Government has appointed its own security personnel to guard the site.

“Mind you, the construction is said to be managed by the Taiwanese under a “Finance and Build Arrangement.” The Taiwanese of course, are supplied with the sub-contractors,” Anthony observed.

“It would be interesting to find out whether the Development Control Authority granted permission to demolish the so-called “two of the smaller” buildings said to be “problematic” and not “structurally sound to remain,” he stated in the Facebook post on Sunday.

Government sources who spoke to St Lucia Times said that it was normal in Saint Lucia and elsewhere to control access to construction sites.

“Because of the heavy equipment, steel and the high level of traffic in and out of the site it is necessary to maintain security both from a liability and a safety perspective,” one official explained.

The official said the former PM’s assertion about Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph, amounted to absolute nonsense.

Just last week Prime Minister Allen Chastanet  described the construction of St Jude Hospital as one of the most important projects in the history of this country.

The initiative will deliver a 90-bed facility that will cater for both inpatient and outpatient services.


  1. Great job PM, please get fully qualified doctors and nurses from abroad who knows what they are doing. And will show full respect to our patients.

    Kenny and the SLP team hold your brakes and pull your plug out your time has expired. You had a chance to do something and all you did was done a graveyard cemetery for us st Lucians. Seat back and allow Guy Joseph and PM carry their duties.

    Thanks again for your expired comments

  2. Kenny you are a joke. U think this would be the situation if you actually finished the hospital? With the amount of time and money you spent. Next elections you out. You take vieux fortians for a ride for way too long. Any development going on in vf having u on edge because u know you will feel the effect in the ballot box. Remember your votes already went down last election and those for mondesir went up. So as long as uwp play their cards right u will just be a memory to vf just like peter Josie.

  3. John John idiot so y we need nurses and doctors from oversees?
    Are u Saying our locals are crap? Man take the next boat to Somewhere where u can’t post s***. Big up to our doctors and nurses!!!

  4. Well they have been hiding behind that 3inch plywood perimeter fence ($102EC) per sheet for 3yrs now suddenly the run up to election they trying to build St Jude’s ” AGAIN ” the public is not moved by this action what gone bad is bad already. As long as that G.U.Y. is in charge Lucians on both sides done know already even his own party whispering it quietly to themselves ( ole teeeef). His reputation supersede it self.

  5. SMH. For a Lucian to believe that in less than 3 years a hospital could have been fully constructed is just mischievous. 1st Investigations, then Designs will definitely take about 18 months. To get DCA approvals which was received is another 3 months and can be 6. Then u start construction. Also if time is given to source consultant to design and contractor then u easily into 18 months for sure. I see residential homes taking over 6 months after construction has started. How does 1 expect a hospital wing to take a year.

  6. The Vieux Fort South MP should be ashamed to comment on the ongoing construction works at the St.Jude Hospital site. His administration screwed up royally and failed to complete the then $30M project that was contracted for completion by November 2011. The project was in retreat by the end of the administration’s term in June of 2016 despite the expenditure of an additional $60-$70M.
    The Vieux Fort South MP should concern himself with finding creative ways to create jobs for the youth of his constituency, construction is not his forte.

    • You need to check your dates and facts and will realize that 2011 completion was the end of Kings group and start of the other. Also the hospital was better than 80% completed when Kenny’s group was voted out. It might not have been to the new standards set up by this group but it was better than nothing. Any reasonable engineer will tell you stoping a project and restarting after some time will increase project cost immensely. There will be a big completion price surprise when this is all done. Why are we not getting a completion date for this project. Every project has a plan that comes with a completion date.

      • As admitted by a former Minister of Health, Dr Mondesir, at an SLP conference at VFort, St Judes Hospital was over 75% completed when the UWP lose the election in 2011. Yes it may have been 80% completed when Kenny group was kicked out but the pertinent question is, “What was 80% completed?” The answer “New structures with no plans and the old structures which were unfit for a modern Hospital”.

    • You have a project like a hospital that is almost “80%” completed before elections and you know how important it is. You won’t complete it?? Come one ppl stop being so gullible.
      Maybe they should have added another shift like what is happening now smh

  7. Is the St.Lucia Times owned and managed by the SLP? This is the second or third time I commented on an SLP statement and it wasn’t posted. What gives?

  8. Yes! My MP and ex PM who could not complete a HOSPITAL for his own people in 5 years, we need the security because we do not want, anyone, I mean ANYONE, to come and burn our INCOMPLETE HOSPITAL. When they are desperate they would do anything, even burn the steel bars and columns that have been installed.

    • If you are so right why is Guy not releasing the forensic audit of the hospital. This was done to spite the other group. If the structures were so bad and not within code then release it, for it will favor exactly what you have bought into. The hospital was not 75% completed during Kings tenure nor was it not usable. The forensic audit should talk to that. He is not releasing it because he knows there was nothing wrong with the existing structures. Total waste of 1 million bucks.

    • Burn what ?? Or is that that really mean all the security is to keep the prying eyes off the GUYS HAND PICK KICKBACK subcontractors. Their ‘ man ” in the media his loyalty to the COSA NOSTRA.

  9. We the Whites will always dominate on you all blacks. Chas the white man told the black speaker of the house to do whatever he wants but he will not withdraw. All the other blacks stayed there quietly and did not utter a word because the slave master has spoken. Now with St Judes whatever he does will always please the Slaves.

  10. White man, “Fire fi you”, when a PM states that “You can put a gun to my head, I will not do it” that’s a real leader in my view but telling the speaker whatever is not convincing as a leader.

  11. “The speaker of the house” lol who the hell is he. The most respected is the leader of the “Brotherhood”. As stated, most to all construction sites have security for many reasons..1 simply to limit thief of materials. All crying “Time Frame” lol if the men finish 2 days after the set completion date lol you’ll Lucians will start crying…Lol and such is a known fact. The hospital will soon be fast tract with work being done around the clock to satisfy the cry babies which are many. It’s a new day in St. Lucian politics, SLP shall never win a general elections for decades to come…not in my lifetime. #UWP

  12. UWP Hacks amaze me. They were all over social media saying SLP didn’t finish the hospital in 5 years (it was really 4.5 years but minor matter). They completed neglect to mention their UWP Government had the project FIRST for 2 years and they did the designs. The same designs they now want to claim are so bad that the hospital cannot be used. They find a hospital only waiting for equipment, painting, flooring and other finishes. They find a project which they themselves said would only take 6-9 more months to complete. But INSTEAD, they STOP WORK on the same project for 3 and a half years and now want to claim that they’ll finish it in a year??? Who do these people really think they’re fooling! Saint Lucians wake up. Stop allowing people to take you for a ride! Yes, the hospital was taking long under Kenny, but he came in and found a project that didn’t have money allocated to complete it! And he found the money and even made it better. Now this Government is only interested in one thing! Dishing out contracts to themselves through their companies!

    • Wish I could have stated it any better. They have what is called forgetful syndrome. They failed to realize that prior to Kenny, King and his bunch of renegades were dysfunctional and it was everyman for himself. These were the guys that started the country on this downward spiral. (Frederick, Bousquet, we seem to forget about all the infighting then, with no clue King trying to keep his house in order) But they blame it all on Kenny and Co.

  13. It is a bloody shame to see a Coolie man dictating to black people in their country. Guy Joseph is Racist. You all remember you all crying, you all crying ,you all just start to cry. Black people stand up in your country and stop that power hungry Coolie man. We cannot go close to the Hospital project without that Racist Coolie man permission. B*** ****. GET UP STAND

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