St Jude Hospital Staff For Training In Taiwan

Press Release:-  Four staff members of St Jude Hospital will be leaving St Lucia for Taiwan in June 2019 to attend one month training in Medical, Nursing and other clinical areas at the Changhua Christian Hospital.

They are: Jewel Joseph, Kera Natram, Denise Johnson, and Kevin Paul. The Board of Directors and Management of St Jude Hospital has made it a priority to provide capacity building opportunities for all employees and will take every opportunity to contribute to their enhancement.

Minister of Health, Honourable Mary Issac expressed her ministry’s position as it relates to educational and capacity building skills when she noted that “improving health care services in St Lucia and especially at St Jude Hospital will require not only improvements to infrastructure but will also involve the development of specialized medical and ancillary skills. In this regard, the Ministry of Health will continue to do all within its power to assist in achieving educational opportunities.”

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Wayne Harrow stated that the Board will continue to fully support such initiatives and will seek other training opportunities on behalf of employees.

“We have lamented to staff that loyalty to St Jude Hospital is important but what is even more vital is the need for staff to retool themselves and to enhance their skills,” the Chairman stated. The public demands and deserve a higher quality of service. And for this reason, staff collectively should be amenable to accepting meaningful change.

The staff have expressed great appreciation to the Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan for this opportunity to enhance their respective skills.


  1. Musa! What say you? Training of hospital (healthcare) staff and equipping the health service has been a priority of this government whiles Musa and the SLP continue to talk about a STRUCTURE. A structure they started without a plan and could not complete it in 5 years and over 100 million dollars.

  2. Please remember, even before wayne harrow there are many persons who have been trained in Taiwan. There were 3 individuals who was in taiwan when the hospital got burnt and more there after.Dont make it look like you created that. The problems of SJH is hidden under cover and the chairman and his board with some managers are wrecking the hospital.

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