St. Jude Workers Send Petition to PM Chastanet

PRESS RELEASE: Workers employed with St. Jude Hospital who are within the National Workers Union (NWU) Bargaining Unit have dispatched a signed collective petition to Prime Minister Hon. Allen M. Chastanet.

The Petition conveyed the workers’ concerns over the handling of the reconstruction of the St. Jude Hospital which costs millions of dollars.

The workers are also demanding the following:

  • Since the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project is in fact one of the biggest financial scandals to hit Saint Lucia, all those persons involved should be brought to court and punished if found guilty. 
  • All employees should be allowed to visit the site in groups. 
  • One million dollars could be made available to continue the maintenance  work on the hospital/stadium so as to avoid further structural deterioration that is now quite evident. 
  • A time schedule for the evacuation of the stadium.

The Petition comes on the heels of an incident which resulted in a deluge of water sweeping the bathroom from a burst pipe.

The National Workers Union is in complete support of the workers and hopes that the Prime Minister will engage the NWU.


  1. Y isn’t Kenny and his Labour party taking the blame for this scandal? We all know that the Labour party is the reason for this corruption at St. Judes. It is time the UWP stop hiding the corruption of the Labour party

  2. You are all idiots how could guy be protecting Kenny here we go again Kenny Kenny when are you going to stop that nonsense smh..

  3. Now alone. these workers spent years in a broken hospital but now alone you all want a petition. i did not hear you all mouth during Kenny.

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