St Lucia Police Officers Need Policing Training?

I watched the videos on the actions of the St. Lucia Police with great consternation. The confrontation between police officers and the citizens; followed by the next day arresting.

I was forced to recall my faded memory of police behaviors and abuse of powers some forty-five years ago while living in the homeland.

It appears nothing has changed. As a former military person with over twenty years in the US Army, I have never experienced this type of nonsensical behavior and tactics portrayed by the force on May 8, 2020.

In fact, anyone engaging in this type of behavior would be courtmartialed in the US Army. Prime Minister Allen Chastanet should be rolling out some heads.

But tell me something. Am I to believe, that simply claiming to be a gangster in St. Lucia, is breaking the laws requiring an army of police to make an arrest? Is the word “gangster” an illegal phrase in my homeland? Or is the word “gangster” a dog whistle to mean something else? “Ki sa; gwo roro.”

The police claim that the citizen threatens the officer. Now, come on? A cell phone recording verse a baton swinging, which one is threatening.

Please, Lucians! Do not accept this excuse from the police. Of course, I know that many Lucians would endorse the policing process. And some may say, “Vyé nonm, viwé kote ou soti.” But wait! Wait until it is your son, daughter, mother, father, or family at the receiving end of the police brutality and the use of excessive force. Tell me how you will feel.

As the old kwéyòl saying goes: “Jòdi a se mwen, demen se ou.” Here are my two cents. If you need an army with guns and rifles to arrest two unarmed men, then the world can conclude that the force lacks the necessary training to be police officers. Yes, you may not know or understand the damage that an M16A1 rifle can do.

The rifle is designed to kill within a range of 300 meters. It is a deadly weapon. M16 equates to kill. I am sure, whoever gave the St. Lucia Police Force M16A1 rifles did not intend for its usage as a tool to solve petite squabble between police and the citizens of the nation.

A police officer trained on the psychology of crowd behavior would have accomplished the task of dispersing within minutes. I saw the original video of the alleged party. The police officers were “Lapo.”

They had no tact of command; they came in as bullies and received a negative response. You can give anyone a badge, a gun, or a baton, without adequate training and they will act like a bully and a thug.

St. Lucia police officers are supposed to be working for the peace and safety of St. Lucians. Their salaries are paid by the Lucians.

My best friend, now retired, served over 30 years in the Royal St. Lucia Police Force told me many years ago, that he had never had to use force to meet his policing objectives.

He said that his mere presence alone would alert perpetrators and stop any acts deem illegal.

Many experts on community policing, always counsel officers to take a higher road. Respect is received when respect is given.

Sen. Hon. Hermangild Francis, please find training for your Police Commissioner and the force as a whole. And I leave with these biblical words: “While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” (NIV 1 Thessalonians 5:3)

Until then, peace.

Professor Sylvanus Donaie


A proud Soufrierian and Lucian in the Diaspora


  1. There should be no need to worry about you being on the receiving end as long as you are a well civilized, well mannered and respectful individual. So pleaseeee Mr professor .keep your comments. Who don’t hear, will feel. What happen to the days of spear the rod spoil the child. Choops tan. Laws are supposed to be respected and followed by every single one of us including the law enforcers. That’s why there is a law. Same as the laws in the history book. THE BIBLE

    • Why was this even published? This entire article is based the assumption that what took place at Union and Grass Street was related. Do you know who was banishing an M16 on social media? Then his mom sisters and even the dog tried to interfere with his arrest.

      • General Comment: While I believe in freedom of expression, that piece of rubbish should never be published. I have read many articles and books written by professors and sometimes I agree with their point of view and sometimes disagree. However, its the first time that I feel so disgusted by a piece of writing. For a man to have all these letters after his name and write such foolishness is unbelievable. Which professor comes to conclusions with piece of the picture? What type of professor comes to conclusions with twisted “facts”? Which professor does not know the difference between military operations and police operation?
        I have graded Professor Sylvanus Donaie’s piece and he has failed miserable.
        Grade: Ungraded. Action: Not worth publishing. To be placed in the waste paper basket.

        Professor The Real Truth

    • Yes professor, come as soon as the ports open and take a nice leisurely stroll down the yellow brick roads in or near the ghettos, preferably as the sun sets, for the nice innocent folk to turn your *** inside out. IDIOT!!!

  2. Whenever our Caribbean people go to America and experience their teachings. We are prone to say all the lies we are taught even in the army. The number of brutality cases to blacks especially when you’re promoted, set ups and more that are hidden up to now as we speak. You have the NERVE to say you have NEVER……..liar!!! Do you think lucians are stupid like you. We see and know the news before you most time my brother. Stop the cover up for America. When Babylon falls which is soon you will see what you’re learnt in the army.

  3. police brutality will not solve anything it only going to cause more people to be disrespectful to the police. especially when you have corrupt known ones trying to pretend that they upholding the law using their uniform and power as a coverup

  4. Your friend was a pussy!!!!!!!! . he served 30 years and no force used?. Secondly get your facts straight, on may 8 the guy turned himself in. So the police never went there for him. That was a totally different operation. Not because u can string to words together gives u the right to come talk bull.

  5. these Police Officer really need the training on how to deal with civilian. your pledge was to serve and protect not to be brutal and corrupt as some of you are. do your job and do it well. respect others and you will be respected

  6. So the part where he threatened to punch the officer was not seen by this excuse for a professor. You don’t threaten a police officer period. You’re just trying to protect the criminals . This is not 20 years ago by the way

  7. St Lucia time,,,you should have never published this article. These people like to stay wherever the hell they are and feel they could make their ill informed ‘contributions’

  8. Forty .Five years àgo and now is it the Same .You Should Visit St.Lucia and take a walk in the Ghetto Areas you would find out what Time is it What Training Does the police Have to Do .Play the fool where you are as the Fookish guys did I am sure the police officers will give you what you Deserve

  9. they kill people like him in the same US just for being black. the police right. wwe dont need these ti-negre sals spoiling this country. we have to many criminal elements in this place. so shut up man.

  10. Why would anyone publish this low life article. I just wasted a few minutes of my life by actually reading a few sentences of this nonsensical article.
    To the writer i say this;
    Pay Ch** sack S****

  11. Statement well given, St.Lucian police officers need more self control training followed by anger management. You can’t be brutalising people like that, we humans jus like urll officers…there are situations where the civilian will have to face the consequences based on his or her actions but without resisting arrest and ur still handling humans like trash. Urll officers worse than civilians cuz most of urll are dirty officers.that’s why a few of urll not in the force again or in prison as well, like wise dead .

  12. I disagree with you! The police officers who responded were very professional. Have you not seen the videos being circulated about the encounter? In the first place there was not supposed to be a crowd. The officers did not abuse their authority as a matter of fact, I am of the opinion that they used their discretion because there ought to have been arrests from the night of that party.

    This article is very biased.

    We as citizens need to uphold the law. The laws were made for all St Lucians; your relatives family members or friends are not above the law!

    You need to use your influence to represent the blacks in the US who are daily being brutalized by white folks.

  13. You Overseas when White police officers Kill unarmed Black men and women Go to the Media and Give your information against the police .You know Jack Shit about policing .The Criminal Code of St.Lucia .The Traffic act and the Drug act .You should be ashame of yourself Talking bad about your Country men

  14. Professor sir it’s people like you who encourage a breakdown in what the norm should be. You are out of state and don’t understand what obtains on ground.
    Come back home and then make your assessment.
    What was the reason for the ORC?

  15. Totally misleading you are. You are forgetting that we saw the videos ourselves. If you think threatening to give a police officer a “hard slap in the face” is not threatening behaviour then you are not who you claim to be. I suggest you get your facts right before coming into such forums. You have come on here to bash the police as if these citizens were innocent. You are here to support the nonsensical behaviours of these handful of St lucians during a world pandemic. You should be ashamed of coming out with such a biased article.

  16. Only if u knew what was going on in st.lucia
    Spend sometime here and tell me if u still feel the same way.

    • There is no home training Processor. Your degrees means nothing here. Come back and you will be rudely awarken.

  17. The police are sufficiently trained to deal with these thugs. Thugs don’t respect police because police are tolerant and law-abiding. When the police fail to get obedience from law breakers, they are taught to call for back-up. When back-up is called for police don’t show up anymore. The SSU shows up. Back-up means come prepared to kill if needs be. SSU don’t show up with batons. They are trained to show up with M16s, AK 47s, 12-gauge short guns and other deadly means of force. That is what I expect from them and that is what I am happy paying taxes for. So Mr’ Professor, keep dreaming and one day you must visit Saint Lucia and take a walk in the Grass Street that you left 40 years ago. I am sure that you will be singing a different song after that experience. In the mean time Saint Lucia’s SSU must continue doing what they have been trained to do, and that is, to deal with thugs and gangsters in the most brutal way possible. That’s what makes law-abiding Saint Lucian’s happy.

  18. Just wasted my time reading this pure rubish.Is this guy for real.How dare you try to compare the rediculous behaviour of American Law Enforcement to the hard working Men of The St lucia Police Service.

  19. I am disappointed that such an article was published. I agree with a previous comment that the so called professor should take a walk in the ghetto. It’s sad that the professor is comparing 30 years ago to present times. Maybe professor you should crawl back beneath your rock cause I’m sure you respond to situation as an army, police officers here respond sometimes two or three in numbers. Your ability to compare is as low as gutter thinking.

  20. White Police Officers Does Shoot and Kill Unarmed Black men and women Overseas .Give them your advice if you Claim say you are a professor I Strongly Believe is professor Nutts.You want to Down Grade the Rslpf when you are a St.Lucian Living Overseas and Much More Serious Crimes are being Committed Overseas .Visit St.Lucia and Go for a Drink in the Ghetto areas in St.Lucia you will find out what time is it

  21. I think we have all become a dumber for reading this nonsense. The fool claimes to live in America where police brutality is world famous. Servered in the military for over 30 years and want to come talk about abuse of power. Why st lucia times and them lapo news sites does give light to such imposters me eh know. Them fellas just like to make ppl unhappy gasson!

  22. Sir with all dew respect. **** you and your US army bull****. Cause is because of that same US those thugs think the police is powerless. Is ppl like you that backing up them thugs thats why they think they can go around breaking every law. The St Lucian police don’t even act like the US police that kill and seriously brutalize ppl on a daily basis. So *** are you talking about and where the ***k are you going with this head rolling bs. The only heads I see that must roll is the thugs that rape, rob, kill and terroize ppl every dam day. Chups.

  23. it is worst in America so what is the point. American police have been trained in combat in order to fight crime and take control of criminals but they still murder innocent civilians. credit is due for the offense of what was taken.. by the way how you would angle it if it was you to know that you were in charge of your operation that order was given by the government and officials that they should not have any social gathering or other things in order to improve other people life. I don’t think u as an officer would take any disrespect for know ordinary citizens who claimed to be a gangster. and further more saying that he would give you a hard slap in your face. tell me how you would make your case.

    • This article is ridiculous and worst yet coming from a so called professor. I wish the US see this and ban u from passing fake knowledge to student . You are a disgrace to the degrees you claim to have and the soufriere people. Shame on you.

  24. This article should have been published on the simple fact that the incident at Union and what occurred at Grass Street were unrelated. Guess who was packing an M16 on social media? And we should treat this guy with kid glove while his mother and sisters and dog try to interfere with his arrest?

  25. This so-called professor is more of an uneducated imbecile. His article belongs in a dustbin. Firstly, soldiers are not trained to deal with civilians. The US law enforcement (police) kill so many unarmed civilians yearly for no valid reasons. The civility of yesterday has been replaced with ferocious hostility today. Surely, there is always a need for on going training of any Police Force. Mr.. Sultans Donnie, did you get all those degrees online? Your article was very, very pedestrian rather than being thought provoking. It seems to me that you are one who has to say something rather than has something to say.

  26. A military person trying to teach people how to be civil. Interesting. You chose a career of either murdering people or supporting murdering. And all times in their homes in their lands. I hope you can reconcile that with your conscience and your god before you die. You clearly have no business speaking about police issues. Murderer!

  27. But y everybody bashing the man?? He wrote an article expressing his views n plus he has been in the field of work for a long time how much time have y’all served? Yes we need to do like him n step out of st.lucia to realize how poisoned our mindset is in st.lucia not saying Simon was right but I’m saying the police dealt with these situations very unprofessional. If you have a different viewpoint publish your own article.. God be with yall

  28. Well written sir, u saved me the trouble of reading this entire article by spewing garbage from the very beginning and for that I commend you. I have grown to despise you criminal sympathisers. You have completely downplayed the young man’s actions by basically labeling it as free speech and completely ignoring everything else he said. Whilst you exaggerated the officers actions by claiming he was swinging a baton whilst all he did was extend the baton in front of him to create a barrier between himself and the young man. I guess anyone can get a degree these days and every one is entitled to an opinion, but when an opinion is so nonsensical is it really worth broadcasting to the world?

  29. With due respect professor.. You sit behind a computer in a foreign country with all your degrees and experience while criticizing the work of our police who have to deal with social conditions that are definitively not what it was “30 years ago” when your padna was an officer. Come back to your country with your knowledge and make a meaningful contribution. Until you can do that we don’t want to hear you.

    But while you remain in the US go tell the various Police Departments they need training too. What have you said to the Police Chiefs who’s officers kill unarmed black men on a regular !? point us to your articles. My guess is you haven’t said a word, you sit there and collect your pay enjoying the people country. Meanwhile you want to stay over there with your “US army experience” and want to send up yourself on your brothers at home.

  30. Shut up because when police act you are the same one who call for action to be taken against the police.SHUT YALL **** **** EWE

  31. I was hoping to comment but I think all the bloggers has done justice to this idiot. So I think my contribution would be redundant .

  32. I saw the police out number civilians on May 8th 2020 and you tell me the police were right in the way they handled the situation? Bull****. That’s situation was not contained AT ALL!

    If we had real hardcore criminals in this country, half of these officers would have been dead by now. Most are not trained properly, lets face it!

    This Commissioner is doing a terrible job. The force is not a place to take your, money, jabals’ and wife’s rage!!!

    • The only response to your contribution and to the Professors article is to post your name – CHOOPSE

  33. It is nice for you to hide under the flag of the US and it’s army, to accuse our police officers, but you who claim that you are a lucian, what have you contrubted to your country? don’t you think that it will wiser to stay where you are and leave us alone? You full of s***!…………………..

  34. It is nice to hide under a US flag and it’s army, but have you ask yourself, what have you contributed to St. Lucia and it’s people? Instead, look at you in a USarmy serving another country and yet claiming that you are a lucian! well you are full of shame!

  35. The professor has made a statement and declared his points. He has every right to air his observations in a democracy. The insulting statements submitted by some writers were unnecessary.

    The police need training but not primarily for the reasons he stated. I believe he is out of touch with the situation on the ground. Even in the US, cops execute operations in violent areas in full force. St. Lucia is no different in its approach. The areas around Grass Street and Graveyard are known for gun-carrying thugs, violent women and assaults upon innocent pedestrians. It ain’t easy there, it’s a jungle. If the police adopt a puny entrance, they can be hurt or killed. The problem in those areas are social and economical. Although there are poorer areas and the residents are not violent. The police are not full-time social workers. The vast majority of the people who live in those areas are honest people, however, they are intimidated by outlaws.
    The police need training in equipment, professionalism (not his idea of it), tactics and administration. Some of the problems the police face are self-induced. Example, more segments of Castries should have “No Loitering” signs posted. That would provide opportunities to raid and arrest criminals who are in those areas, assessing the situation.
    Lastly, the police doesn’t have large financial resources; it’s all shoestring. Factor this point in arriving at conclusions. I firmly believe that relocation for the residents will be in the future. I recommend the professor visit the island when things return to normal. Take a casual walk in both areas. Make sure he is on his cell phone mid evening. Good luck with this experiment.

    • I wasn’t there and don’t know what happened, it however, appears that the article was written in haste. It appeared that the individual did not have the facts. It was a very boring article. I do agree however, that the police need training. A lot of training. They are the first to behave as if they work so hard and call out people. They is however a lot to be desired with the interaction with the public. They are not bright guys.

  36. LUCIANS well said put this so call not know Military Professor where he belongs. The man is really suffering from PTSD like all the rest in the US army for murdering kids all over the Middle East. We should feel sorry for him cause he is not mentally stable. In the US the police will kick stump on Thugs and they show it LIVE on TV so tell him we know what’s going on. We will deal with that Gangsters and bring peace to Law abiding Citizens. Let him know there are no vacancies so stay in the US and keep on his disability cheques.

  37. This professor should go preach to all the white police officers killing all the black people in America, and leave our St.Lucian police officers alone.

    People need to understand what it means being a police officer. It’s not an easy job. Sometimes you work night protecting and serving while everyone else are asleep. Then return to work in the afternoon, not even getting a proper rest and some idiot threatens you or curse you on your mother. Police officer are human beings, they lives and feelings matter too. Every report they respond too may be their last. When an officer knocks on a door he or she never knows what’s on the other side waiting on them, it could be a barrel of a gun. Come on people work with the police. Speak to the young people of society and ask them to conduct themselves so there would be no interaction with the police.

  38. My dear brother they are bashing you…..But I will tell you it is ok…… When the problems arise in St.Lucia they quick to call us for REMITTANCES….. They only need us for our hard work money…….

    • Man stop being stupid and foolish. Who said anything about wanting your money. U must be one of them old men who spend all their life working overseas and then come Lucia and think they better than everyone else but sleep with every young girl they get for money. Choops tan

  39. Sir, with your 360 degrees, and 20 plus yrs on humble military service.. You should return to your homeland and share that wealth of knowledge and experience with your people. A16a1 had an effective range of 460M and not 300m. For this year so for close to 20 rifles has been recovered in Saint Lucia , all of them has similar or a greater effective range than the A1. Oh ye generation of hypocrites.

    • That alleged US guy is nothing but a complete J.A. we need to stop trying to turn civilians against the police officers. They know where they were going to make the arrest and prepared for it. Even after having the m16 see what happened and the amount of resistance that they met. The officers did nothing wrong. So shut ur A… and trainnur self against covid 19 that’s under ur nose in the US. U punk. U have all the degree but looks like u use it under ur arms alone and ur head empty.

  40. First of all sir you should not be calling yourself a professor because you are not. Yes you were an adjunt teaching at a community college or something but that does not make you a professor. You were a teacher, and that’s different. If you want to talk about discipline and following rules, and being trained to be circumspect let’s start right there. Second of all, being in the US army does not qualify you to necessarily speak on local policing matters, especially when your army is known for covering up human rights abuses foregin and domestic, rapes, discrimination, corruption etc, with 20 years of service I’m not telling you anything your hypocracy does not already know. If you really are interested in what we poor, backward, back water Black people do why have you not featured in your local area (don’t worry I searched) in speaking out about abuses of Black people right under your nose, about the police department’s treatment of Black men under your own gaze, why don’t you speak up about what is much closer to home for you? What really is your reason for throwing your hat into this ring? Are you attemptng to make yourself relevant for some reason? I mean it’s about to be the silly season so pardon my skepticism and distrust for all those who suddenly seek relevance on the back of the mahlayway, the ghetto boys, us poor back water small country Black people.


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