Wednesday, January 29, 2020

St Lucia records significant increase in tourist arrivals

St Lucia is reported to be the second fastest growing tourism destination in the Caribbean, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organizations.

The island’s Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee made the disclosure at a news conference on Wednesday.

He said St Lucia recorded a 9.2 percent growth in tourist number from January to August 2017. Bermuda, Fedee said, is the only Caribbean nation performing better.

“It’s been a tremendous winter for this winter for the destination and we’re very very encouraged by this very strong performance of the destination,” Minister Fedee said.

The St Lucia Tourist Board says the island recorded a 14.5 percent overall increase in visitor arrivals from January to August this year. Cruise ship arrivals are also reported to be up 21 percent.

Officials are looking forward to even more cruise ship passengers visiting the island once construction work is completed on an additional berth at Pointe Seraphine.

Tourism officials says they are working to inform potential visitors that St Lucia was not affected by recent hurricanes and is in fact open for business.

“The fact that we were not affected by a hurricane doesn’t change the price of coffee. The entire region is being seen by some consumers, by some tour operators, by some travel agents as a no-go area. And we have got to work so much harder to convince them to spread the awareness that St Lucia and the Caribbean is indeed open for business and we’re still the best place in the world to visit,” Fedee added.

The Tourism Minister says he expects more jobs to be generated in the tourism industry with the reopening to Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort and Beljour and the opening of Harbour Club.


  1. I am a Grenadian. You St. Lucians all of a sudden have allowed politics to cloud your vision. If this was said about Grenada I would be proud despite of my political complexion. Please send all the tourists who come to St. Lucia to beautiful Grenada. We will welcome that.

  2. Statistics cannot be quoted without citing the source. It is basic commonsense. I can say that St. Lucia GDP is $20 billion US. Will my Proud Grenadian believe me? Proud Grenadian, I think you should learn to think critically instead of showing your gullibility.

  3. Well we brought in prisoners…we have people coming from hurricane ravaged countries via St Lucia to other destinations …off course we would have an increase in arrivals. Las mutti …please share a link to the stats

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