St. Lucian Neurosurgeon Performs Complex Brain Surgery At OKEUH

Press Release:- Recently, a team of neurosurgeons raced against the clock to save the life of a 55-year old St. Lucian male patient at the Owen King EU Hospital.

This patient was the unfortunate victim of a tragic motor vehicular accident that placed him in a coma. He sustained severe injuries to the head, spine, and chest; with the head injuries being the most life threatening.

St. Lucian neurosurgeon, Dr. Curby Sydney, led the team in a four (4) hour long surgery. He explained that the blows to the head caused life threatening swelling to the brain, as well as bleeding in and on the brain, which were confirmed by the CT scan images.

At a microscopic level, he said, “millions and sometimes billions of nerve cells, literally rupture and set the stage for a chain of other adverse reactions that ultimately lead to irreversible brain damage, more brain swelling, coma and eventually death.”

Dr. Sydney further explained that the procedure involved the use of specialized equipment to open a large window through the skull, essentially removing almost half the skull. Meticulous dissections from skin to brain were done, in order to stop the bleeding veins, and release the deadly pressure on the brain.

The surgery was a success and the first major step in saving this patient’s life.

He is on his way to recovery, being managed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses.

Incidentally, this was the first of such complex brain surgeries performed at the OKEU Hospital since the recent transition from Victoria Hospital.

Dr. Sydney and his team have performed many similar procedures at the St. Jude, Victoria and Tapion Hospitals over the past seven (7) years of practice in St. Lucia.

This surgery was made possible by the specialized equipment and medical expertise of Cana Neuro Services, a St. Lucian based company dedicated to treating patients with diseases of the brain, spine and nerves and specializing in brain and spine surgery.

Dr. Sydney expressed his gratitude to God, the management and staff of Cana Neuro Services, as well as the many nurses, doctors and ancillary staff at the various hospitals who have worked tirelessly over the years to provide such unique care in St. Lucia.


  1. so what about his medical background? where he studied? what is his area of specialty? how many months/years on the job? where he worked before? dont just publish things with no rhyme no reason.

    • If the article said that the Doctor was from some other country which you never heard of or visited, then these details would not matter to you! He would have just been some great doctor!

    • @Hady … all you need to do is to look up the info on Dr Sidney for yourself. A very easy task!! I am one of his patients, and I am very happy to have him look after me, for over three years.

  2. very nice dr. sydney…..thank God..a very very nice neurosurgeon…sounds very knowledgeable….heard a presentation from him at my church once…i learnt a lot…

    happy to know the patient is alive

    • “Dr. Sydney and his team have performed many similar procedures at the St. Jude, Victoria and Tapion Hospitals over the past seven (7) years of practice in St. Lucia.”

      Not a first…just a first at ok EU…but great job.

    • You too I taught I was the only one . What bothers me the most a surgery such as this that’s probably been done a dozen times a day around the world we seem to be at aww…….to me this speak volume to how bad our medical care is in St Lucia if we are so taken back by surprise of a surgery like this……I am not saying it’s a bad thing, I am just referring to the shock and aww of it all that it actually made headlines God forbid.

      • $hit for brains, what you know about anything, i hope when your sketel run off the road and you pinned between your trunk full of speakers and the steering wheel u dont cry for doc to put your tiny brain back in your head.

  3. In all this, I’m thankful for one thing, that the Doctor expressed his gratitude to God.
    Herewith a man of faith; I too give thanks to the Almighty that He has given to me a
    measure of faith in His promises, for all I’ve been through, I’m still around to sing His
    Praises and I’ll stay around for quite a bit yet, praise His Holy Name. It is my belief
    that more of us could do better, only if we trusted more in Him who says “Ask” of me.

  4. From reading the title I thought this was the first time the surgery had been done here. Further reading revealed it had been done several times already, just first time at OKEU. So not sure why it made headlines. This doesn’t take away from the accomplishment though. Good job.

  5. Congratulations, St Lucia. We will eventually stop runing to Martinique at every opportunity.

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