Stabbing Death Of Sarrot Man Marks Homicide Number 32

The stabbing death of Sarrot resident, Vic Dennis, Monday, has pushed Saint Lucia’s homicide toll to 32 so far for the year, police have disclosed.

Dennis, 34, was stabbed during a robbery at his home.

He was rushed to Victoria Hospital via ambulance but succumbed.

Assistant Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery told a press briefing Monday morning that Dennis was stabbed by an intruder about 4.10 am.

Charlery, who is responsible for Crime and Intelligence Management, disclosed that the victim died about 7.24 am.

“investigations are actively ongoing in this matter as we speak,” the senior police official told the press briefing.

According to neighbours, the intruder gained entry to the Dennis home via a window.

The victim’s wife and young child were at home at the time.



  1. So sadddd but if he had a licensed fire am and killed the intruder in self defence then the law would give him wrong and debate in over radio. My condolences to his family and friends .

    • Exactly. It is so difficult for a law abiding citizens to obtain a firearm legally to defend themselves while criminals have ready access to the weapons they need to terrorise. The tables could turn on this crime situation so easily. Such characters take chances because they believe people are weak and defenseless. Had this criminal known this gentleman was armed and could defend himself he would think long and hard about entering this house.

  2. Trinity… I am with you on this one. Stop making VICTIMS criminals. Mary Francis, open your mouth.. The man was at his home with his family. How far did that intruder come from???? Until it hits y’all home, y’all see no problem with the system…

  3. What is wrong with those bastards? So early in the morning that is what you do, we need to have some laws in our country if someone is breaking into your house just killed him with no questions asked cause when they come in they come to kill, steal and destroy you and family. The sad part about this is the detectives will take about 2 years to arrest and bring the thug to justice. They have No Respect for human lives not at all, those criminals don’t give a dam who they kill they just want money and they want it now so give it to them or else you die crazy bastards

  4. So sad RIP vic. May God grant your son and wife PEACE,A PEACE THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING. God strengthen her to be able to stand!! Thank you lord for doing it!!

  5. So like all law-abiding citizens need to keep their knives, machetes, ice picks, baseball bats etc within arm’s reach when at their homes to defend themselves from this offensive by the criminal elements. If the criminals are on the offensive and there is no appropriate push-back from law enforcement, the judiciary and the legislature then what you expect the law-abiding citizens to do?

  6. You have to do your own thing at your house,just put them down,make sure they cant wake up,Rambally will apreciate your colaboration,and the police force will thank you for helping to remove the trash in our society.

  7. Its a shame that we don t get the whole picture.Was it one person that broke into the house?How did he get away?Was there a vehicle involved?Was he masked?This is the second home invasion,and second murder in the neighborhood.Was there a fight in the house? There has to be DNA of the guy some were in the house finger prints.What was he able to steal,after the murder.

  8. After a week we still waiting to get something from the police,guys you have to realize that there are thousands of people that are living under a lot of stress these days,all are on the adge,and nobody is sleeping at ease in their houses.This is not bussines as usual,you need to do your job properly.Start calling to comunity meetings,and get the feeling of all that live in the area.

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