Stanislas Accuses SLP Of Waging Hate Campaign

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The ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has been accused  waging of a hate campaign in the run-up to  the July 26, 2021, general elections.

“The campaign based on hate, prejudice and building fear and anxiety among the people of Saint Lucia,” Former Soufriere-Fond St Jacques MP Herod Stanislas declared this week.

Addressing an event the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) dubbed ‘ The People’s Parliament,’ Stanislaus said the SLP wanted people to believe that COVID-19 did not impact government revenue when it did.

He asserted that the SLP used propaganda and lies to claim that the former UWP administration was reckless.

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However, the former Planning Minister expressed that today people are witnessing that under the leadership of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, Saint Lucia had the biggest budget in its history in the sum of $1.8 billion.

According to Stanislas, $505 million will be borrowed for the financial year.

“What they did not tell you is that we would borrowed because we had fiscal space to borrow because of prudent management and stewardship by Allen Chastanet and the team of the United Workers Party,” he stated.

He said the vicious media attacks and campaigns against the UWP by the then opposition labour party tried to downplay the massive focus on development initiatives by the former Allen Chastanet government.

But he told his audience that now the labour government is basking in the glory of projects under the last regime and taking the praise for the very works they opposed when not in government.

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  1. Mate forget he is JUNIOR Minister! I bet he had to get permission from Chas to make those claims!

  2. the labour government is basking in the glory of projects under the last regime. May I ask. What are these projects ?

  3. Show me one politician who do not lie, and I’ll show you a none politician.
    Btw there’s only one FOX – that’s me.

  4. Headrod Allen Chastanet told the most lies to win the 2016 elections. Removal of vat, $6.80 tax on fuel, no visa to US.., $35.00 per box of banana to France…..etc

  5. Some people can’t accept the truth. It hurts and their reaction on SLT is glaring evidence of this. The insults and curses as comments on Senator Herod Stanislas statements about the governmemt shows it clearly. Good democratic governance results from strong opposition.We need more Herods .

  6. This jack@$$ stopped the Soufriere square which was started by SLP and made slight changes to the design just so he could get more money to play with and yet he speaks.

  7. The former district representative for Soufriere/Fond St Jacques is just the mouth piece of a financially reckless UWP administration. He was the beneficiary of projects that were negotiated and in the pipeline during SLP administration. The party in power gets the credit. This is just the nature of politics.

  8. There is nothing wrong in borrowing and stlucia needs to borrow so the country can move forward. It is how the money being borrowed is being spent. Are the things being done with it relevant and beneficial to stlucia. I believe the pm having a financial background will use the money to do relevant things that will help us grow as a people and a country. He is not stupid enough to borrow and used it for a horse track that we cannot gain anything from especially in this worldwide condition. I trust you on your borrowing pip and I have confidence you will use it effectively. Peace and love

  9. UWP spent at least 10 years spreading hate towards the most Honourable Kenny D. Anthony that up to today when his name is mentioned they are ready to toufe. So, Herod hush your RASS!!! Allen did everything for the people to dislike him. What is good for the goose is better for the gander!

  10. These guys does just come to paliment and complain, complain, complain. Parliment is a place to enact laws, change policy and oversee the goverment. If the SLP was savvy enough to persude the people that your government was not acting prudent with the country’s finances during COVID-19. How is that hate?

    You don’t know the game you playing? You don’t know you must campaign to convince the people other wise? This weak style of polictics and politicans need to be replaced.

    Step you all game up and go to parliment to better the country. Everything must not be a blame game. The two parties can work together on certain policies to better the country too. #Godhelpus

  11. Herod, the 600 millions Allen borrowed and you were part of it, can you tell me one project he completed with it? At least we will see what Pierre plans to do, but what did Allen do? Herod where did the former Mayor get all this money to open Paint shop and buy brand new jeep? do you have a share in it?

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