Monday, September 26, 2022

Stanislas Says He Is ‘Truly Passionate’ About the Pitons

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Physical Planning Minister Herod Stanislas has told reporters here that he is truly passionate about Pitons.

He spoke amid the continuing controversy over a private development near one of the majestic twin mountain peaks.

“I am truly passionate about the Pitons – our World Heritage status,” Stanislas asserted.

He said Tuesday during an interview outside parliament that he did not think as minister that he would do anything to put that status in jeopardy.

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Reporters asked the minister whether the Allen ChastanetĀ  administration would consider putting a stop to the development near Gros Piton given public outrage over the issue.

Stanislaus explained that such a decision rests with the Development Control Authority (DCA).

“If they are going contrary to the guidelines that the DCA gave, then the DCA is in a position to put a stop or hold on the construction,” the minister told reporters.

He noted that whenever the DCA grants permission for a development, certain conditions and guidelines must be followed.

According to Stanislaus, building officers and technocrats monitor compliance.

He told reporters that if the developer does not follow the guidelines, the DCA has the power to stop or put the project on hold.

Stanislas said he is not concerned about this country losing its World Heritage status as a result of the development near Gros Piton.

“Going through the process that the DCA used to authorise the development, I think they followed the guidelines of the 2013 Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC) Study,” he observed.

Stanislas said the building is in the exact footprint of the existing estate house which was in the area.

Stanislas said he did not think there is any chance of Saint Lucia losing its World Heritage status over the current developmentĀ  at the southern tip of the Pitons Management Area (PMA) World Heritage Site.

The property was acquired by a Canadian developer.




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