Stepfather Hopes Woman’s Killer Will Turn Himself In

The stepfather of a young woman who was shot dead at Pigeon Island Sunday night hopes that her killer will surrender himself.

Nicholas Clarke

“I hope the perpetrator turns himself in if he know what’s good for him, or whoever,” Nicholas Clarke told St Lucia Times.

Anela Wilson of Marchand, Castries, was shot multiple times in the head, according to reports.

She died on the spot.

Hubert Kerry John of Maynard Hill, Castries, who was reported to be with her at the time sustained gunshot wounds to the back when a gunman attacked them.

John is said to be in stable condition in hospital.

A relative of the deceased who was also present at the time escaped unhurt.

The stepfather of the deceased recalled that Wilson told him Sunday night she was going to have some recreation at Pigeon Point.

He recalled about 11.00 pm someone telephoned him to say that she had been murdered.

“I rushed up there and saw my daughter on the ground,” Clarke told St Lucia Times.

He described the deceased female who was in her twenties, as having been a very jovial individual.

Clarke said she was ‘the people’s choice’.

He said the death has left the family in tears.

“When I look at my house, it’s as if I can put buckets to collect the water – everybody is in tears, auntie, nenen, brother, sister, name it – it’s tears,” the stepfather lamented.

Clarke said he was not aware of a reason why anyone would have wanted the 22 year old dead.



  1. so sad so sad so sad………..young ppl i urge you to give the Lord your life……praise him night and day…..always let others know your friends….

  2. Ohh my word, this is so so sad, to see this poor young lady being gunned down like a criminal in cold blood, just because she was with another guy, and she left this asshole because of his dirty attitude and treacherous mind. Hope he has the guts now to surrender himself and face the consequences of his action, like a man. A young lady with so much life ahead of her. Couldnt even look at the picture, again. Gone too soon.

  3. He will never Surrender to the Police .He’s a Hitman From Marc and always Up and down to Martinique .He must have Travel Back door to Martinique from Laatnight

  4. The murder must be brought to justice.

    The person who made the VIDEO of the poor girls corpse which is spreading around should go to jail too. Do St lucians have no dignity at all? Would you want that a video of your loved ones like this is taken and beeing shown around? I’m disgusted by the murder and the person making and sending around this video. Shame on everybody forwarding and showing it.


  5. They should imply a new law … People like to see people put and take photo and call other people if de girl deh with a next man it had to be someone that was deh that call de man that person police to hold first because all how people during is set ups that is happening

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