Stephenson King: ‘They Must Go To Jail!’

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Former United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Stephenson King, has criticised the party over its performance in relation to health care while in government while indicating that people must be incarcerated over the St Jude Hospital project.

“They must go to jail for that project,” the Castries North MP told a meeting Sunday night in his constituency.

“If there’s one thing the UWP should be ashamed about, it’s their performance in health in this country,” King, who will be participating in the July 26 general elections as an independent candidate, declared.

“When you tell me a UWP government started the reconstruction of St Jude Hospital. We lost after two years of commencement of the work. The labour party came in and without delay continued the work of the hospital,” the Castries North MP recalled.

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“We came back and we stopped the project, demolished buildings, found reasons why it must not continue until it lands in the lap of Fresh Start and we spend millions and millions of dollars on this facility and to date, it cannot open,” King told his audience.

“They must be jailed for that project, because to date they cannot finish it and they cannot tell you how much they have been spending on that project with Fresh Start being the main contractor,” he said.

“We must start investing in health in a meaningful way,” King asserted, while speaking to the need for transparency in the business of this country.

The former Prime Minister told his audience that people must know how the government is spending their money.

He observed that St Jude Hospital is not complete and from all indications it will not be until 2022 or 2023 if what currently obtains continues.

King described the situation as an indictment on the United Workers Party and a travesty in the health sector.


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