Thursday, February 20, 2020

Stephenson King’s Home Burglarised

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Stephenson King has confirmed that his home at Sunny Acres, Castries was burglarised on Friday afternoon.

He told reporters Tuesday that the matter was in the hands of the police.

King said he had every confidence that the police would resolve the matter.

The MP for Castries North however refused to be drawn on what was taken from his home.

“I will not disclose at this time,” he stated.

King could not say at what time the burglary occurred.

He disclosed that he was not at home when the incident happened.



  1. I am sorry to hear of the burglary of King’s home. My sympathies will always be with the victims. I hope the culprit is found along with his cohorts…if any. Those darn parasites.
    Here is a guy who started at the bottom like so many Lucians.

    • Another outlook, my sympathies will always be with the people at the bottom whom the likes of King are raping daily.

    • We all condone such horrific acts, however said and done it can be more of a sinister burglary to get information which may have believed to be on that premises.

    • King has been a dismal failure to the workforce of St Lucia what we need is a minimum wage rate in the island or if not crime will continue to escalate

  2. Please stop letting the world see the hate Lucians have for each other.

    Don’t you realize Jamaicans were forced by their government to stop putt negative issues online for the world to see.

    Blame yourselves when St. Lucia dries up and the tourists stop coming.

    Many of the yachts owners already have gone to Martinique.

    Not the stupidity people! Mr. King is not that kind of person who neglects his fellow citizens. Don’t stay in the shadows and say what you want rather than the facts.

    • So we should just hold our tongues and accept mediocrity from our ‘so called’ leaders? When we a country citizenry is well taken care of they don’t complain much. When they see their “Leaders” squander the little resources the country has they make their voice heard!

  3. This is so sad a man took his education and better his life .when youll mother send youll to school it was weed and sex dont blame him for youll coming out empty headed that youll have to steal .

  4. I am sorry as min of Labour stephenson king cannot convince his cabinet and parliamentary colleagues to pass legislation for a minimum wage.

    • Well the man has not dine a thing to help the plight of private sector workers in the island we leave out homes and work for nothing for local and foreign businessmen

  5. Am really sorry at some comments .when some of us our mom sent us to school we went out smoking have sex not finishing school today we cant get a job .and to agree to stealing and say they ant no jobs .please stop

  6. I always believe that laws will be more effectively enforced and revised when certain people smell the coffee! I do hope that more policy makers smell the coffee that the avg Lucian has been inhaling for decades!! You are still on of my favorite politicians tho!!

  7. Mr King don’t tell me you do not have a security system in your house and if you do MWEN PE.

  8. There was a guy selling used boxers and socks by the car park saturday mornng,and they were your size,plase tell us what they stole,so we can help you get them back.

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