Thursday, September 29, 2022

Steve Etienne Appointed General Manager Of Hot7 TV

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Press Release:-  Hot FM Communications Limited has appointed Mr. Steve Etienne as General Manager for its Audio Visual Channel, Hot7 TV.

The media company owns 2 radio Channels in Saint Lucia; Hot FM (ranked St. Lucia’s No1
Radio Station, a position it has held for most of its 21 year existence) and Kiss FM
(specialising in love songs and smooth rhythms).

The media company’s Hot7 TV is the newest member of the triumvirate and is first with the daily Evening News and also provides top of the hour news every hour on the hour.

Mr. Etienne has been empowered by the company’s directors to make recommendations for
the implementation of changes necessary to optimize the company’s revenue growth as well as create more or better opportunities for employees’ growth within the establishment, thus strengthening its foundation.

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CEO and Managing Director Mr. Patrick Smith said of his new acquisition “Mr. Etienne will
head the TV Department of Hot FM Communications. Under his leadership our viewers can
look forward to some exciting programming on all platforms. Our plug and play, our App,
wherever you are whatever platform you use to find us, some exciting programming will be
coming your way. We want to thank our audience for making us their choice in TV and
Radio. Hot FM communications, trend setters indeed, not copycats”

Steve Etienne is a former Director on the Board of the Cultural Development Foundation
(CDF), a former Vice President of the National Farmers and General Workers Credit Union,
a former Director of the National Consumers Association (NCA) and served as co-ordinator
of the National Telethon for the National Community Foundation (NCF) where hundreds of
thousands of dollars were raised for philanthropic causes in St. Lucia.

Mr. Etienne is perhaps best known for his part in the creation of the Eastern Caribbean
Collective Organisation for Music rights and leading the organisation from a national entity
(HMS) to becoming the regional body now known as ECCO.

According to Etienne on his new appointment “the one constant thing in our environment is
that progress is impossible without change and individuals and organisations that cannot
change their mind-set and practices cannot change anything. If we do not keep pace in this
age of fast changing technology and novel business practices, we will be left behind. To
complement change we are to transform our way of thinking and the way in which we
conduct business to successfully navigate through a highly competitive environment and one easily accessible through technology”.

Etienne previously held managerial positions in the United Kingdom including:

 Broadcasting Manager at the Performing Rights society (PRS),
 Facilities Manager for Dorling Kindersley Publishing
 President of the London wing of the Technical, Administration and Supervisory Trade
Union (TASS).

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Go through the achievements and accolades listed in this write up and it will be determined that Steve is more than capable of bringing hot7 TV to the next level and there are glimpses of reaching not just local domination, but also the regional and international stage.

  2. Big up Mr Etienne…I know you a man of principle and great ethics…may the good lord keep your blessings flowing itinually.

  3. I dont know this man…but he comes across as a genuine individual with a progressive mindset. Slu would be a better place if such characteristics existed in leadership roles.

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