‘Stop The Anger, Hatred And Violence’

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Amid a record number of homicides for the year, Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has appealed for peace in a Christmas Message delivered by its leader Andre de Caires.

“Please let us stop the anger, hatred and violence against each other and try our best to forgive as an eye for an eye makes everyone blind,” de Caires asserted.

“We know that stress levels are high and tampers are short but breathe, centre yourselves and appreciate what we have and where we live – the most beautiful place on earth,” he observed.

The NGP leader acknowledged that the last two years have proved to be a trying time for everyone, with some feeling the pain, anxiety, and stress more than others.

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In this regard, he encouraged people to remember those who are less fortunate and help someone if they can, even if it’s through a kind word and gesture since many have little else to give.

The NGP leader also appealed to road users to be careful.

“As we all know, drinks will be flowing regardless so please be careful on the roads. Use a designated driver and take your time. We have lost too many this year as it is. No need to rush,” de Caires said.

Additionally, he observed that there would be many gatherings resulting in exposure to people outside of one’s traditional ‘bubble.’

As a result, de Caires advised people to adhere to COVID-19 protocols and boost their immunity by using vitamins.

“We expect a spike after the season,” the NGP leader explained.

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  1. Hello Mr. Andre de Caires, I have just read your well composed, well thought of dialogue, and these are the kind of words we need in the kind of atmosphere present on our little Rock today. How well it will resonate with the young men of today, none of us can say, but I seem to like your words and I do hope that your members and friends are all of the same mindset. However, carry on with God’s blessings and hope you don’t get discouraged in the storm ahead, because it will be very rough.

  2. Covid is not nonsense it is a communicable disease like several other diseases. I believe social distance for folk outside of any one’s household is sound advice regardless of Covid. It’s called stay in your lane.

    Some of you Lucians are anti vaccine but not anti viagra while drinking excessively and smoking incessantly. Drinking sodas and items loaded with sugar and salt …spare me.

  3. A positive message indeed! Yet a bit surprising to see someone as well informed as Pancho buying into the “Covid” nonsense and advising adherence to the “protocols”. Doesn’t he know after a year and a half that this isn’t about a deadly virus?. It’s about power, control, profit, and the de-population agenda of the global elite. You cannot comply your way out of tyranny. Once freedoms are taken away by an out-of-control government, they are never given back. Our right to breathe, to assemble, to conduct business is not a gift from Allen Chastanet, Phillip Pierre, the WHO or any government official. It comes from a MUCH higher power! The Green Party should be calling for accountability and trials for those who have destroyed St. Lucia and put us in this position….rather than submitting to a Satanic agenda!

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