‘Stop The Bloodshed!’ – Concerned Mother Holds Demonstration In Castries

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Concerned mother, Ella Felicien, held a one-woman demonstration in Castries Friday, urging people to stop violence and bloodshed.

“I am trying to say it’s not just about crying when somebody dies,” Felicien  who is also known as ‘Ecstasy’ told reporters.

She said people need to speak up.

“As a mother, as a sister – I’m tired,” she explained.

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“What are we going to tell our young people in the future?” Felicien asked.

According to her, for the past few days Saint Lucia has been crying.

It was an obvious reference to a spate of recent violent deaths.

So far for the year, police say Saint Lucia has recorded a total of twelve homicides.

However, Felicien asserted that tears and blood do not mix.

“We need to stop the violence,” she declared.

“A knife, a gun – it’s not worth it. All these videos circulating with murdered bodies and guns – what is it for? When you guys do that, what are you guys doing to other people? You guys are  just a bunch of cowards – men as well as women,” she declared.

Felicien told reporters that Saint Lucia can do better than that.

The mother of two observed that she could have been sitting at her home without a care about the young men and women who have lost their lives.

But she said it hurts her.

The lone female demonstrator recalled that in her lifetime, she has sustained black eyes.

She disclosed that was also one of the reasons for her demonstration.

She explained that crime does not pay.

“When you take somebody’s life, you don’t sleep well. When you kill somebody’s daughter or somebody’s son, what’s next – Bordelais?”

“Let us live our lives happy. Let us pray for each other. Let us love each other. Say ‘No’ to murder.  Say ‘No’ to abuse. Say ‘No’ to rape,” she said as she spoke to reporters in Constitution Park where she staged her demonstration.

She explained that she does not want  her two beautiful young daughters to be without a mother.

However, Felicien observed that there are lots of young people in Saint Lucia growing up without mothers because of violence.

As a result, she advised people to say sorry and walk away rather than fight in a  situation of potential violence.

“Because blood is something that continues running, but we can stop the bloodshed by loving each other,” Felicien stated.

“Let us live. The politicians, the pastors, the preachers – they’re not going to stop the crime. We are the ones, as the young people, who can stop the crime,” she stressed.



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