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Stray Animals Creating Road Safety Concerns

Press Release:– The Division of Transport is alarmed at the recent increase in reports of stray animals on the island`s roads, particularly along major roadways. These stray animals pose a serious road safety concern for all road users.

 Therefore, the Division of Transport wishes to advise members of the public that, in keeping with Section 26 of the Animals Act Cap. 3.11. , the owner of any animal found tied, wandering, straying, or lying in such a manner as to cause obstruction, danger, damage or injury to any user of the highway or a public place; commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $5,000 or to imprisonment for 2 years or both.

Owners are further reminded that where an animal poses an immediate danger to road users, the animal(s) may be seized or where not practicable, shall be shot or immobilized by a duly authorized individual.

Please note that all costs incurred during this process shall be borne by the owner of the animal.

The Division of Transport will work closely with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to enforce the law in an attempt to ensure public safety on the nation`s roads.

Motorists and all road users are encouraged to be extra vigilant during their daily commute.


  1. Same old, same old…people have lost their lives because of this and here we go again, spinning top in mud. Police and transport board, find your balls and deal with this issue once and for all!! You know who the culprits/owners are!!! That’s why the authorities are always accused of taking bribes!!! Find your balls and do something!!! Enough talk!! Time to act!!!

    • Exactly. There are laws to deal with this nonsense. Get you lazy behinds off your chairs, apply the laws instead of wasting time on press releases. Kill a few cows or fine the owners and soon enough that problem will disappear.

  2. well animals need to move too! you people are the ones driving recklessly on the road . either the brand new boy drivers who want to show off creating mayhem and taking their life and that of others in the process. or these minibus drivers who are greedy and dont think of passengers safety. herein lies your two road problems. not animals.

  3. Well this is very popular around the choc area there have some cows there dat are never tied up they have caused accidents upon accidents and nothing is being donr about dem

  4. Now we talking!!! That’s the attitude we Lucians need to adopt!!! Apply the pressure!!! Well said realist!!

  5. The highway at the beginning of the airport runway right before/Elparata for years upon years cows and horses have been just crossing as they may….its high time the Vieux fort police stop sitting in that police station and start patrolling the roads

    • Totally agree with you. The same cheap old talk about stray animals on the highway coming back. The authorities know what to do, but will not do a thing about it. Those animals have even caused fatal accidents.
      So less of your cheap talk.

  6. There are a lot of st.lucian who don`t think before they talk. The island is a tropical place and so expect to have those type of things. However what really worrying me is how the islandas think. To my understanding St. Lucia car accident record is not great because of reckless drivers, and accidents are so severe for a small road and place that it is disturbing because of the speed that they drive.

    i am sure in every family there is some who have died from a car accident in st.lucia.

    The local farmers are doing a wonderful contributing to society that it upset me how the locals take them for granted and even disrespect them and the help that the government give them is very poor.

    People like Pashun8 who chat before thinking, who don`t like the cows crossing the roads. should buy meat from china market.
    there is a saying guns don`t kill people but people that kill people. just like the cows scenario. cows don`t causes accident but reckless drivers who causes-es the accident. The sad thing is st.lucian will not agree with me. but the truth hurts.

    • Are you for real, wait till you have a love one who has died because os such lawlesness. People shoul abide by the law end of.

      • Nothing is we business until it reach crisis. Apparently, the writer does not get it.. We are talking about accidents caused as a result of the stray animal problem, no matter how few; we are not speaking of accidents caused by recklessness. If a driver sees and is aware that an animal is in his path, I’m sure he would take appropriate action. Do you think someone would deliberately decide to run into a stray animal??? Tell this guy once again to get real!!

    • You must be retarded…you think its ok to have animals near a road? Some untied?…you talking about farming?…should there be farming in a city or commercial area? Drivers pay money to use the road…and i dont see a cow with a licence plate or registration sticker on its back..

      • Is it OK for bird to fly across the road, is it OK for rain the fall on the road, is it OK, for mard to be on the road. i wounder how you would be able to stop these things.

        Mate.. The problem is you, who don`t think. reckless. BRAIN LESS ,disturbed,

  7. The problem is not the cows, there ought to be signage in respect to the area they are prone to be, international standards…cattle crossing, deer crossing, ducks, kangaroos you name it….people need to respect the areas and exercise caution. Accidents including cattle occurred because Caution was not taken, you cant miss a cow on the roadside…they follow in packs…their young are springy with that being said you slow down and anticipate..

    • Sorry, just ecouranging lawlessness. It is not just people hit cows but they run across the road unexpected and ram into vehicles.

  8. This has been going on for decades, I even lost my vehicle because of it and no one was held responsible. Pure act of lawlessness and the officials do nothing about it but put out releases like this. All owners should be made to brand their cows and be held responsible for their actions. The police always claim they are lack of funds, well there is an opportunity to seize cows, auctioned them off and make money for the force.

    • Andyluvy did the cow run into your vehicle or did you drove into the cow? if the cow run into you vehicle then this cow can not or loss its navigation due to vehicle pollution. if that is the case then government should remove all vehicle polluting the environment (vehicle like your`s) off the road.

      If you drove into the cow then you ether can not drive, reckless , or vehicle smoke pollution has damage your brain unable you to see , think, make judgement. Suffering from these symptoms will make you incapable you to drive. that is why you may have drove into the cow damaging your own vehicle. be lucky you still alive.
      sorry but its true

  9. Bla Bla gov’t officials just realize that the cows and others pose danger and risk to motorists.
    What is the role of the police in enforcing the laws?
    Police are more interested in ticking motorist for seatbelts and parking but it’s ok if they hit an animal and die while wearing their seatbelts.
    It has become pathetic the number of cows and horses roaming the public roads of Saint Lucia unattended,with particular reference to the Castries Gros Islet highway and the Vieux highway mainly at nights.
    It is high time that public officials do their job in this regard.
    As usual this will get govt. attention when the next person dies.

  10. Good one!!!😅😂😂. Writers, in the absence of cow crossings etc, there is legislation to handle this issue, which is why I commented at the very beginning that the authorities should get off their hebinds and do their job. In the meantime, alternatives can be sought by the animal owners such as having signage put in place. For now we have to work with what is there… Enforce the law!!! Why put in more laws and they’re never policed???

  11. MR CLENDON LOUIS WE ARE COMING FOR YOUR COWS. And if you feel you BAD AND WE EH KNOW YOU YET PLEASE COME AND STOP US like you tried to do with the police officer and the man who was driving away with your cow tied to his vehicle at Union. This video is all over on facebook for those of you who don’t know who he is. You acting as if you are The Lord of The Cows and you can do as you feel like but your days as one of those dropping their cows at Choc is going to end because enough people have lost their lives and also gotten serious damage to their vehicles without getting a cent from you to compensate them for their losses. You can say thank you God the Government want to deal with you like this before a seriously affect victim decides to come for you in a wicked and violet way. So please deny the Cows and let the Government take them away just like how you does deny them when they kill people or cause damage to their vehicles ok MR. CLENDON LOUIS.

  12. The biggest threat on our roads is other motorist.the cows will be slaughtered by Christmas anyways!

  13. When will the day come that every horse or cow owner is made to brand his cattle.All those land owners that have land that run along all high ways are made to fence their properties,to restrain the cattle that is feeding on them.We are still in the old ages,and we dont care

  14. I thought the police had orders to shoot all these stray animals that dont have owners,or do they?

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