Strengthening the Health Information System in Saint Lucia

The Pan American Health Organization PAHO) is leading the support in developing and strengthening Saint Lucia’s Health Information System (HIS), through various interventions.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health is currently hosting a four- day training workshop on National Health Information systems at Bay Gardens Hotel, which commenced on the 28th of May.

A Health information system deals with the manner in which data is collected from health and other sectors, how it is analyzed to ensure overall quality, relevance and timelines, whilst converting that data into information for health- related decision -making.

“We’re looking at procedures and we’re using a tool by the name of health metrics network to assess the current state of the systems here, coming out of the workshop, we going to look at how we can better strengthen the tools, resources and skill set of the workers in the various departments,” National Health Information system consultant for PAHO, Deneice Marshall, explained.

 Health Planner in the Ministry of Health, Lauren James said, this exercise couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time.

“This assessment is timely, in light of the fact that we are now rolling out our information system both at the primary Care and Hospital level. The assessment looks at different areas such as resources indicators, data management, data-sources and data quality among other things. It will determine what our current capabilities are, what our strengths, our weaknesses are and what are our gaps. It will also fit into our new strategic plan which we are undertaking this year,” James observed.

 The last assessment was done over 10 years ago.