Saturday, February 29, 2020

Striking Saint Lucia Firefighters Agree To Resume Work

Striking Saint Lucia firefighters have agreed to return to work, following a meeting at the Dennery Fire station, St Lucia Times has been reliably informed.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service Association is reported to be in receipt of a letter informing the organisation of the removal of contracts and asserting that firefighters on probation would have temporary employment.

It was explained that they would then sit a probation examination to determine their permanence in the department.

“The fire officers have agree to go to work under certain conditions which will be presented to the Prime Minister in a letter,” a reliable source told St Lucia Times.

The source would not be drawn on what the conditions would be.

He explained that officers on contract had to sign documents every six months, but at times on completion of the contracts some persons would have to wait two months before having new contracts issued.

The source explained that on the basis of the commitment by the Allen Chastanet administration to remove the contracts, the firefighters have agreed to return to work and have other outstanding issues subsequently addressed.

Firefighters went on strike on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, calling attention to ‘decades long’ outstanding matters which have not been addressed.


  1. I agree on meeting each other in the middle. I believe your statement was made loud and clear. Now the government know you mean business. But, holding the entire country to ransom is not the way to go.

    Now of course, go ahead an negotiate the other outstanding matters. Prioritise the issues by level of importance and urgency and take it step by step. But be mindful also in the difference between negotiating and demanding. The tone, the posture, the attitude, the spirit of compromise and “give-and-take” are all important here. Please do you’ll best for the greater good of your welfare and that of the general public.

  2. Here goes another dumb “holding the country at ransom” comment. It seems like the only people who hold the country to ransom are striking public officers, however when our public services are deprived of the resources by successive administrations to effectively function, then it’s OK. Isn’t that also holding the country at ransom? We need to get serious as a people and stop cloaking our hypocrisy in under a guise of civility and diplomacy. The firemen’s action should be applauded for standing up on a point of principle, a point that was apolitical. Lord knows half of us pontificating from a safe distance are incapable of emulating their stance. Lennox Honeychurch said “we live with our history” and it is true because our colonial past had taught us to always respect and yield to the powers that be even though you’re being disrespected. Smh

  3. Why go back. Stay and strike for 40 yrs. All u said 40 yrs the issues have been there. Now I will make a prediction. All will be in the news again about issues etc. SOON.

    • wow (fake), stop displaying your ignorance. I have told you before to do something about yourself. We need to move from 43% with pre school education to a much lower figure. We cannot achieve that if people like you don’t put useful matter in your heads.

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