Student Brawl In The Mall – NPA President Calls Out Parents

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The President of the National Principals’ Association (NPA) has called out parents after videos of a brawl involving students in uniform went viral on social media.

HTS Television reported Wednesday night that the incident occurred this week on the second floor of the Blue Coral Mall in Castries.

NPA President Valerie St. Helene-Henry said she saw the video, was unaware of the details and had not yet reached out to the Principals of the schools involved.

However, she said she expects there will be an investigation.

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The NPA President observed that after-school incidents involving students spotlight schools, principals and teachers.

“Yes, the children are in uniform, but when will the parents take up the responsibility for what happens after school?” St. Helene-Henry asked.

“Why schools, why principals? Why teachers are being targeted every time these things happen outside of school?”

According to the NPA President, when schools dismiss students, they tell the children to go home and not to loiter.

“Who are the other stakeholders? Who are the other persons who are supposed to join in that fight in eradicating liming in the streets, loitering in the streets and finding themselves in trouble? Why does the focus have to be on the school principals and the teachers? When are the parents going to take up their role?”

St. Helene-Henry told St Lucia Times that parents are leaving too much of the responsibility of raising and guiding children to schools.

And she observed that when schools implement rules and guidelines, they expect parents and the public to give support.

“When we place rules on our books it’s based on data,” the NPA official declared.

She noted that schools are playing their part, but people still expect the learning institutions to be responsible for the way students behave after hours.

“This has to stop,” St. Helene-Henry asserted.



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  2. I think that as parents, we need to raise our children with the word of God. Secondly, teach them their worth, so they do not fall for any or everything. Also teach them to show respect, empathy, love, care, and be humble to anyone regardless of rank in society, ethnicity or religion. As they become adults, they may stumble along the path, but most importantly they will eventually remember and practice what they were taught . Let us not only pray for our children but for all. Spread the love❤️

  3. Too many fatherless children. Perhaps educating young men and women that having a child is a lifelong responsibility, not just the result of random acts of sexual gratification might have an impact. Young people ruining their own lives, and that of their offspring. Can’t even take responsibility for themselves, let alone their children often with various fathers.

  4. Hello Ms. St. Helen, I like your hair style but rather, you remind me of my old aquatic sports pal Leo ‘Spar’ St. Helen, we were at SMC back then, he was quite an athlete all round. I was chief of many who got the cane and detention most of the time – quite a rebel, till I got in the Ring with a ‘real fighter’ that changed my life – it would change the life of the toughest fighter, and believe me I’ve met a few. The Champion’s name is JESUS no never did and never will lose a fight. If only the parents knew, and patterned their kids after HIM, it would be a better world to live in – No shootings, no Suicide, less jailbirds: Lots more University graduates, better jobs, better Family life: Praise the Lord.

  5. I agree , make a charge for students loitering…. Collect some money officers, teach the children discipline bc no one else is…. The % of parents are not!smph Criminal tendencies start young, officers you chose to be the discipline of society so step it up!. This is another example of a strong need for after school programs and opportunities for the future of St. Lucia, these kids……

  6. The students in question had afros and weren’t allowed in class. They went to roam around because they did not have that supervision then this happened.

  7. these children are so stupid, these are the reason why stores put a ban saying no school children with uniform and also this also another reason why police officers were demanding children to board the buses to go home

    • The parents have to be Blamed .In St.Lucia There’s three Classes of Parents .Class A.B and C.If there’s a Survey on Deliquent Parents in St.Lucia it would be at 95%.Most Parents don’t Check on their Kids to and From at all

  8. Well, this time around you are more direct with your position. Your face appeared rather than just the “statement” which was soooooooo vague. None-the-less, I agree with you that parents need to play a greater role in terms of student behaviour.

  9. Children are left unsupervised after school and end up picking up all kinds of bad habits. Criminal tendencies start young. The schools should start suspending students more for loitering around town, maybe that will send a message to the parents.

  10. on bus is a fk fk conversation………omg what generations are these parents raising and some of them dnt even care…they themselves are children raising children

  11. As A parent. I agree. We need to speak to our kids and ensure the discipline and rules are enforced. There are consequences to our actions.

  12. Parents – please train your children. If your children are out of order and decide to engage in bad behavior AFTER SCHOOL HOURS – then as a parent you are responsible to correct and discipline.


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