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Updated on July 14, 2020 10:58 am
Updated on July 14, 2020 10:58 am
Updated on July 14, 2020 10:58 am

Students Cautioned Against Procrastination Ahead Of Common Entrance Exam

As the Common Entrance Examination draws near, Grade 6 students of the Gordon & Walcott Memorial Methodist School received a timely presentation on “Procrastination and Productivity” by the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC).

According to the NCPC, this was one of the activities of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s mentorship programme.

The Council explained that the Gordon and Walcott Memorial Methodist School has been adopted by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) as a mentorship school under its community outreach programme.

The programme seeks  avenues for the school and ECCB to work collaboratively to improve student performance and confidence, it was observed.

A NCPC release noted that the council was invited to speak to the grade 6 students of the school on the topic ‘Procrastination Kills Productivity,’ as they prepare to write the Common Entrance Examination.

“We have a programme in place but the good thing about it is that you are given the leeway to do what works for you in country. So in St. Lucia because of the amount of stuff they have during the term, Ms. Gabriel and I, the Principal of the school, found it easier to collaborate in areas that she needs assistance… Now I had seen your programme on TV where you had done the procrastination presentation for a secondary school and so I reached out to your unit to ask them if they would like to collaborate,” the release quoted ECCB Resident Representative and Country Manager in Saint Lucia, Sheran Ferdinand as saying.

Communication Specialist with the NPCP, Glen Simon said raising productivity levels requires the involvement of all stakeholders with students being a key stakeholder.  He added that the topic ‘Procrastination Kills Productivity’, though a simple one, has profound implications on one’s goals, aspirations and level of success.

“My presentation really focused on how to get them to recognize not to put off the things you can do now for later as it will affect them in the future. They can start off together in this place but they will not end up in the same place just because of their level of productivity, their level of focus and I hope that it made an impact. Because what we want to do at the Productivity Council is help increase the productivity levels within the country and we can get it by focusing on students who are stakeholders within the society on how they can improve their productivity, how they can improve it by reducing their procrastination we would love that because the society as a whole would benefit,” Simon stated.

Grade 6 Teacher, Diane La Force noted that the presentation was apt for her students whom she said need to focus now more than ever in preparation for the common entrance examination.

“It’s timely because the students they’re just preparing for the exam in the next few weeks and I believe that looking at the videos and listening to what you had to say to them this morning they would realize that procrastination really affects their work and if they don’t begin working now they will not succeed in the future,” La Force is reported to have stated.

Grade 6 Students Lamazes Edwin and Destiny Duncan expressed their views on what they gathered from the presentation.

“It will help me because now I know that when you procrastinate you don’t do very well at school because you will always be putting off practice to be better at what you’re doing.”  Edwin said.

“Since I have gotten the presentation I believe that procrastination is not a very good thing and when you procrastinate you don’t get any work done. So it’s a lot harder to focus and understand what the teacher is talking about at the time,” Duncan stated.


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