Students face prosecution over viral video beating

A group of secondary school students in Barbados are facing criminal prosecution after a video went viral showing the brutal beating of a young girl.

The viral video caused outrage in Barbados when it first surfaced last month, showing the victim being chased before she was thrown to the ground and kicked about the body.

A total of nine students have now been charged with the May 17 beating of the 15 year old student of the Lester Vaughn Secondary School, Barbados Today reports.

The beating apparently followed an argument over a bottle of hair spritz, according to reports. The accused are between the ages of 13 and 15 years old.

Four were charged last month with assault occasioning bodily harm. Another five students faced the courts this week in connection with the incident.

So far, three of the accused have admitted their roles in the incident.

All nine students have been placed on curfew and must be indoors between 5pm – 6am pending the outcome of the court case.


  1. Good!! Jumping one person is cowardice, and it should be regarded as a criminal offense! Regardless of age

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