Friday, February 21, 2020

Students Get Scholarships & Bursaries From Elks Credit Union

On Thursday August 29, 2019 the Elks City of Castries Cooperative Credit Union announced the beneficiaries of its Scholarship and Bursary programme.  

Azaria Donnelly who will be attending the St. Joseph’s Convent and Shekim McRae attending the St. Mary’s College were selected as the Scholarship recipients for their academic performance at the 2017 Common Entrance Examinations.

Having recognized the growing need for assistance based on the applications presented, a decision was taken by the Board to grant a total of eight (8) bursaries, three of which were sponsored by the Credit Union with the other five (5) being granted as personal contributions by the Board of Directors and Management.

Directors further recognized and demonstrated their commitment to the Cooperative Principle of Financial Education and by extension the Sustainable Development Goal of a Quality Education.    

The students and their parents gathered at the Credit Union for a brief presentation ceremony where they were addressed by the President Lennox Mondesir. 

Director Mondesir mentioned to students that receiving the scholarships and bursary is a good indication of the efforts that they have made at the primary level and the contribution of the parents as motivators towards achieving that goal.

He added “ Let me congratulate you on your achievement and also caution you that the journey has just began; as you enter Secondary School much more is expected of you, as you will have to devise intelligent ways to keep focused on your studies because you need to maintain a minimum of 70% average to continue receiving the annual scholarship disbursements.  In this regard I urge you to practice good study habits and keep your grades”.

He also added that “One of our objectives as a Credit Union is to look after the welfare of our members, so as members of the Elks Credit Union you are being rewarded whether by scholarship or bursary, for your children’s outstanding performances in this year’s common entrance examination”.



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