Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Students in alleged attack on Police granted bail

The Principal of the Babonneau Secondary School, Terrence Fernelon, has spoken of the need to ‘tread carefully’ when dealing with authority, especially in view of the lawlessness and breakdown in discipline that is currently prevalent in the society.

He spoke in the aftermath of charges being laid against three male students of the school for an alleged attack on a police officer.

“Certainly it worries us, it concerns us greatly at the school,” Fernelon stated.


He said he wanted to assure members of the public that the Babonneau Secondary school does not subscribe to any form of violence or indiscipline.

“This situation is not reflective of what happens here. This is a situation that is a little troubling,” the Principal observed.

He said the full details would be made available to him at some point when he will be able to comment further.

“For now we are all deeply concerned and a little worried,” Fernelon explained.

The Babonneau Secondary School Principal refused to be drawn on whether the students allegedly involved in yesterday’s incident had prior behavioural issues, asserting that the matter is before the courts. But he made it clear that the school is concerned about all of its students.

He said the teachers and the student body at the school were addressed this morning.

Fernelon disclosed that most persons are sad.

He said it appears that the name of the school has been blackened, but stressed that the alleged incident is not reflective of the learning institution.

“We are doing all we can to ensure that our students walk the straight and narrow so to speak and that when they leave here they are model citizens,” Fernelon told reporters.

However he acknowledged that there are ‘one or two’ who step out of line.

Earlton Perineau of Monchy was charged for the offences of resisting lawful arrest, obscene language, assault and threatening words.

Rashard Remy of Morne Du Don and Gurshan James of La Croix, Babonneau, were charged for the offences of disorder or causing obstruction or annoyance in a public place, resisting lawful arrest and assault.

All of the accused are sixteen years of age.

It is alleged that  the three youngsters were behaving in a disorderly manner near the Babonneau police station when a traffic police officer who was not in uniform at the time, left the station and spoke to them.

It is alleged that the officer pointed to a stud that one of the youngsters was wearing in his ear and inquired whether t it was  part of his school uniform.

One of the youths is accused of having subsequently threatened the officer,  using the words : “If I had my gun, I would shoot you,”whereupon the officer  is reported to have informed him that he was going to be arrested.

The youth is alleged to have resisted arrest, swinging a punch at the law enforcement officer, while his two companions allegedly assaulted the policeman.

Two other officers from the Babonneau police station are reported to have  intervened and all three teenagers were arrested.

They appeared in court this afternoon where they were each granted bail in the sum of $400 cash or suitable surety on each charge.

The teenagers are required to report to the Babonneau station every Wednesday between 7 am and 6 pm.

The matter was adjourned to February 24, 2017 for a report.




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