Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Surgical Castration For Rapists Under New Law In Nigerian State

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Sky News:- Men convicted of rape will face surgical castration and anyone who rapes a child under 14 will face the death penalty, under a new law introduced in Nigeria.

The governor of the country’s Kaduna state, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, said the “drastic penalties are required to help further protect children from a serious crime”.

Nigeria has seen a huge increase in reports of rape during the months of coronavirus restrictions.

Women’s groups have called for tougher action against rapists and sex offenders, including the death penalty.

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Gender activist and rape survivor Dorothy Njemanze has said she would like to see the law adopted in other Nigerian states.

Under the state’s newly amended penal code, a person convicted of raping someone over age 14 will also face life imprisonment.

The previous law carried a maximum penalty of 21 years’ imprisonment for the rape of an adult and life imprisonment for the rape of a child.

The new law also states that women convicted of raping a child under 14 will have their fallopian tubes removed.

“In retrospect, if everyone that raped me was put through that [surgical castration] other people that they might have also raped would have been spared the calamity,” she said.

Kaduna’s new law is the strictest against rape in Nigeria, Africa’s most-populous country.

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